Doll Review: Mini Love Doll

If there is a company with a totally true slogan is Mini Love Dolls. When they say their Mini Love Doll (MLD) is “The small love doll that does it all!”, THEY ARE NOT FOOLING AROUND.

The MLD is a scaled down silicone sex doll measuring 42 inches tall (approx. 107 cm) and weighting around 36 pounds (16.4 kg), and as their maker says, it does all. The dolls have both vaginal and anal openings and are available with an optional oral capable head (head #1). For the big breast lover, the MLD is a dream because it has a full 27 inches bust (68.8 cm) in its standard body – although MLD has an optional body with smaller breasts. The price of this pint size diva? You can get a brand new MLD for $2,000.

Of course, I did buy my MLD used – I am too cheap to shell out more than a grand for a sex toy – and personally, I do not regret it!

I got a fair tone, oral capable MLD from a member on The Doll Forum a few weeks ago. Even with some minor damages, this doll is great!

As said, the doll is small, but it can do almost everything you want. First, the spine is pretty flexible, allowing for different posing and sex positions. The MLDs cannot stand on their feet (hands and feet are floppy), but in bed, that simply does not matter.

The breasts are big and bouncy, but not as realistic as a pair of Quty Tits or Busty AiChan. Still, they are great to fondle while enjoying any of the three holes of these dolls. The vagina is 8 inches deep with a very gentle ribbed texture (I barely feel it), while the anus is also 8 inches deep and smooth. You can easily vary the sensations given by both holes by opening or closing the doll’s legs. Unless you are wide as a soda can, the oral head will give you a time to remember. The mouth has a 4.5 inches depth and the MLD lips feel great while caressing your penis.

The MLD can be positioned in various erotic poses and because it is just 42 inches long, it is pretty easy to store and carry around. Just be warned that because it is a silicon doll, it requires regular powdering to keep the skin clean.

Because the vagina and other orifices of this doll are permanent, you will need to clean the orifices using a turkey baster to wash them. To avoid the inconvenient cleaning, many silicone dolls users either use a condom or ejaculate over the doll.

Personally, giving these dolls huge cumshots is a must!

Mini Love Dolls delivers what they promise! In a small package – just 42 inches – , they deliver all the functions you can desire from a full size silicone doll at an affordable price. Perfect for those who want to experience silicone dolls but don’t have the space (or money) to shell out $5,000 for one.

Realism: 5 / 5. The MLD is well proportioned and feels real when having sex with it. Looks like a well proportioned midget.

Storing: 5 / 5. Perfect size for storage

Maintenance: 3 / 5. MLDs tend to suffer from poked arms and ankles where the wires used on her skeleton tend to break the skin. Also be ware of possible knee and elbow dislocations if moved incorrectly.

Cleaning: 3 / 5. Avoid cumming inside the doll without a condom unless you have a turkey baster or enema equipment to clean the orifices.

Weight: 4 / 5. It is small, but still moving this girl requires you to be strong. Thirty six (36) pounds of dead weight are not easy to move with a single hand!

Total: 20 / 25

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