Doll Review: Sili Doll’s SUKI

A few years ago, if you wanted a realistic love doll, silicone was your only option. TPE formulations had been around since the 1950’s but they had not been used in making jointed dolls until just a couple of years ago. Most of these dolls are made in Asia and the first few models were too young looking for the Western market. Now, there are various models perfect for our sensibilities (and legal systems), representing barely legal young women in different sizes.

The most popular sizes are within the 100 – 125 cm (39 to 49 inches) range since they are easy to store and  their weights are below the 50 pounds (22.7 kg) limit. Being honest, I wanted one of these dolls since I saw the first “well proportioned” dolls in the forums, but knowing how delicate TPE can be, I had serious doubts about spending one or two grand in a life-size doll. Fortunately for me, Sili Dolls offers a good deal on their 110 cm doll – the Suki – and I decided to add her to my mega harem of dolls.

She is not THAT innocent….

I already wrote a quick review for The Doll Forum a few days after receiving the 110 cm beauty, but I decided to held the blog review for a few days to “experiment” with her before my “formal” review. You know, for scientific purposes…

Scientific work is sooo hard!

So lets go to the review!

First Impressions

Unboxing Suki felt surreal because she is so realistic! TPE is the material of choice in fake vaginas due to three factors: cost, feel, and realism of details. I had experienced these three factors in hundreds of rubber pussies through the past five years, but experimenting them on a full body doll for the first time was completely new. And I have to say, I enjoyed the experience!


The doll came well packed from Hong Kong (Sili Dolls HQ), with lots of protective foam and slabs (no pellets thanks the Force). Suki arrives naked, with full makeup and fake acrylic nails on her fingers and toes. Included in the box, Sili Dolls include her wig – a blonde and pink long wig – , a bullet vibrator with sound, a cleaner bottle, some lingerie pieces, and a pack of 6 latex condoms. After the unboxing, I cleaned up my new sex slave and got her ready for testing…

Suki ready for her test…

Playing with Suki…

For those of you who don’t like to read, I made a video review of the doll. Of course, I wrote about my experience with the doll, so you can continue reading after you watch the video…

Playing with this doll can be divided in the before and after you “break” the doll. When I say “break”, I’m speaking about the time when you get to know and understand how to play correctly with a doll. Suki took me three days to get used to her, specially the handling during play which can be tricky. First of all, her joints will be stiff when you get her, so you must be very careful of not forcing the limbs in unnatural positions or you risk damaging the doll. (BTW, that apply TO ALL JOINTED dolls…) Also, she had the typical TPE smell which disappeared after two days out of the box. Even at the strongest, it was a faint smell that was noticeable only when you were very close to the doll, but I mention it because I know there are readers who will complain about it…

Smell, what smell?

Suki is a fully functional love doll, having orifices for oral, vaginal, and anal sex. Now, the orifices are small, but the material is elastic enough to easily fit average and slightly above average guys – given you use enough lube. Placing two or three drops of lube inside the orifice before inserting your little friend should be enough to avoid any damage to the doll, but personally I prefer very slippery sex, so I went liberal with lube use – and really, really enjoyed each one of the capabilities of this doll.

Each orifice has a different texture – all realistic and kind of addictive. Imagine fucking a meiki sleeve, adding a pair of bouncing breasts and very squeezable ass and you will get an idea of how the Suki feels. The doll is light enough to allow for position changes during play, but you should be careful. Lubed TPE becomes very slippery and getting a hold of 29 pounds of slippery doll can be difficult and could damage the doll if you cannot keep the grip. Just remember to plan your session accordingly.

Besides how well the orifices feel, the rest of the doll adds a lot more to the fantasy. The TPE formulation used in this doll does not only looks realistic and detailed, but it also feels realistic. When you grab Suki’s breasts or ass cheeks, you can swear you are grabbing an athletic woman – that’s how realistic she feels.


If you are looking for a realistic, easy to play solid doll, Suki is a perfect option. With adult proportions scaled down to a 110 cm body, Suki has squeezable breasts and ass that are addictive and three fully functional holes to make your fantasies true. Add a fast shipping process (7-9 days from order to package arrival), excellent price (about $1,200 all inclusive price), and excellent  customer service, and this is a doll you should buy if dolls are your thing.


Realism: 5 / 5.  The proportions are realistic and the textured orifices are incredibly realistic.

Storing: 5 / 5. Easily stored, given you have a place to store her without damaging or staining the TPE.

Maintenance: 4 / 5. Easy to maintain. Powder regularly to avoid stickiness.

Cleaning: 4 / 5. The doll has permanent orifices which can retain humidity if not dried completely. Condoms are highly recommended.

Weight: 5 / 5. Excellent for its size.

Total: 23 / 25

Where to buy: Sili


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