Doll Review: SiliDoll’s SILI

As you know, I bought myself a cute St. Valentine’s Day gift – a SILI doll from, well, Yes, I know, I have too many dolls… believe me, I KNOW, but when I saw this little cute number, I had to get her. Why? Lets go to the review so I can tell you…

First Impressions

When I saw the Sili the first time, I fell in love with the look of the doll. Here we had a 100 cm (39 inches) doll with a cute face, big eyes, HUGE breasts and wide hips. She looked exactly as a girlfriend I had years ago – petite, cute, and breasts too big for her frame – so I knew I had to buy her as soon as I could… and I did!

I have to give kudos to SiliDolls because they ship FAST. I bought the doll on the 14 and five days later, I had the DHL guy knocking at my door with my new girlfriend. I know they want to deliver your doll in 7 days or less, but this time they broke their record…

Once I got her, I unboxed my little new lover and you can see my reaction at the short unboxing video I posted a few weeks ago. You have  not seen it? Don’t worry, I got it right here…

Like shown in the video, Sili came with the standard packet of goodies from SiliDolls – a black wig, a sexy dress, the kit of condoms, USB warmer stick, and the egg vibrator with moaning sound. Also the doll came with a light make up, pretty acrylic nails and toenails, and eyelashes. She is cute and pretty right from the box and once prepped with her long wig and sexy tight dress, she is sexy as hell!

Doll Review

Ok, Sili can be sexy and everything, but is she a good doll to buy?

Short answer: Absolutelyfuckingyes! (Getting back my composure…)

For  a regular price of $1299 – including all shipping and custom charges – , Sili gives you all you can expect from a full size doll in the $4000 – $5000 range. She has three fully functional orifices (vaginal, anal, and oral), big bouncy breasts, a nice round ass, and a extremely realistic sensation. All that and more in a small, easy to handle package. But a picture say more than a thousand words… and a video is like  a long, long speech!

As you could see in the video, those breasts and ass are simply addictive – I spent hours grabbing those orbs while watching TV, simply delaying my review while enjoying those TPE bumps. Between the Sili and her taller sister Suki, I had become a TPE doll fan!

Pros and Cons

Sili’s pros:

  1. Small and light. With only 100 cm (39 inches) and 12 kilograms (26.5 pounds), Sili is small and light enough to handle with one hand while playing. She is also easy to hide – for those of you needing to hide your toys.
  2. Fully functional. Sili has three sex orifices that deep enough to fit most guys. Her vaginal orifice is almost 8 inches deep and her anal tunnel is 7 inches deep. Her oral cavity is stretchy enough to fit most guys, but remember to use plenty of lube to avoid damaging the doll.
  3. Those breasts!
  4. Dat Ass!
Sili’s cons:
  1. Stains. TPE is a material that is easily stained by dark colors – especially black, blue, and red – so have that in mind when placing the doll in contact with fabrics of these colors (including the wig adjusting bands). Also, TPE can stain certain fabric blends, usually cotton, so don’t be surprised when seeing weird “humidity” marks on your bed sheets.
Sili is a great doll to play with. If you are on the market for a realistic doll that is easy to handle, enjoyable to play, and easy to move around your house, Sili is a perfect option.

Realism: 5 / 5.  This midget doll has three orifices with realistic textures. TPE material feels lifelike, making her breasts, ass, and hips simply addictive to the touch.

Storing: 4 / 5. Easy to store in a closet or under bed storage unit.

Maintenance: 4 / 5. Easy to maintain – just be careful with staining materials and humidity in the doll’s orifices.

Cleaning:4 / 5. Avoid humidity inside the doll’s cavities to prevent mold. The use of condoms is recommended to ease clean up of the orifices. Also powder the dry body regularly to avoid the typical TPE stickiness.

Weight: 5 / 5. Easy to carry and move.

Total: 22 / 25

Buy your Sili right now!

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