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If you had been on the market for a sex doll, you know two things: there is a wide variety of them in the maket and that they are freakingly expensive. The cheapest full size solid doll in the market until a few months ago was Toy Demon’s Meiki Plush Doll – a plush torso with a retail price of $250. The other “low cost” sex dolls like the Eri Nanjo / Aoi Himeno from Kanojo toys will cost you around $500, and the Teddy Babes start at $550. Next stop are the Chinese TPE dolls like my Sili and Suki – and those start at $800. Sex dolls are expensive…

In fact, what would you say if there was a torso doll for less than $100? Impossible? Well, I believed that until I saw ToMax NUI doll, a torso doll that will cost you a little bit more than $60 depending on the material you use as filler. I was able to test this doll thanks to my friends at QueenCat Adult Toys, who provided a NUI for me to review.

So, lets go to the review!

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First Impressions

As a guy who had spent a few hundred dollars in sex dolls (who the fuck am I kidding, I had spent thousands in this hobby!), the prospect of a solid sex doll below the $100 seemed suspicious to me. My first doll was a Venus R, which now costs almost $500 and so far, the cheapest torso in the market was the Meiki Plush Doll from Toy Demon ($250).  When I saw the Nui for the first time, it got me interested right away. A $50 doll that could be filled with whatever you wanted sounded too good to pass!

Of course, the low price comes with a trade-off. The Nui is basically the fabric shell of a torso – you need to fill it with your selection of light filler.


ToMax recommends using poly-fill similar to the filler used in most stuffed animals and they even sell you a very fluffy, light Japanese brand of poly-fill for $10 per bag. The Nui will take about 3 bags (900 grams / 1.98 pounds) of material, filling the doll, but keeping it very light. You can use the cheap cotton / poly filler sold at your local Wal-Mart, but that will require different quantities because of how different it will pack inside the doll. You can also use bean bag filler material, cotton, foam, or old clothes. Also, the Nui has two breast pockets, so you can use filler material or fake breasts like the Quty Tits to give your doll a nice pair of soft breasts – the options are limited to your imagination…

Besides the customization options, the Nui accepts different masturbator sizes. You can use any masturbator between the size of your average ToysHeart masturbator to a regular Fleshlight – and of course, any ToMax toy from the Succubus to the Venus and the new Muses line.

Doll Review

So, is the Nui a good doll?

The quick answer is ABSOLUTELY YES!

The Nui wont win a beauty contest – it does not have a head, or hands – and its figure will depend on the artistry and patience of the user filling her, but as a first doll, it is unbeatable.


First, it is just $50 plus the cost of whatever you decide to fill it. If you go with the Japanese poly-fill, add $30 to the order for a total of $80. Comparing it with its closest competitor (the Meiki Plush Doll), the Nui would still be about $200 cheaper… leaving you with money to buy a bunch of toys for your new lover.

Personally, I used two Japanese poly fill bags and added about two bags of a cheap poly/cotton fill sold by my local craft store. I liked how fluffy and light the Japanese filler is, but I like a little bit of “push back” from my dolls, so I combined it with the denser, heavier cotton filler. It gave my Nui the perfect sensation when sleeping with it while keeping it light and easy to move around.

Besides the customization options with the filler material, the Nui also allows you to customize the feel of its breasts. In the two weeks I tested the Nui, I used poly fill breasts forms, the Quty Tits, and two different types of silicone breast forms. Each one of these gave the Nui a different “personality”, feeling totally different when hugging it. When using the Quties, I placed them inside plastic sandwich bags to avoid staining the fabric of the Nui – the other forms did not need any modification.


Since the Nui accepts basically any masturbator, I used it with the Fleshlight Freaks!, Muses Fillo and Arkhe, and even the Fifi. This doll is very versatile, and it is only limited by your imagination.

Pros and Cons

Nui’s  pros:

  1. Low cost. I know it is mentioned a few times in the review, but I will say it again: this doll is just $50, $80 tops if you purchase the Japanese filler. In fact, add the Quty Tits ($65), and still the Nui is $125 less than the Meiki Plush Doll, the second cheapest torso in the market. And you can buy a couple of sleeves with $125 if you know where to buy…
  2. Customization options galore. The Nui can become a completely different experience with just opening the back zipper and changing the filler. Want a doll with better shape? Make some foam pattern and insert it inside the doll. Want a heavier doll? Use a denser filler. Want a rounder ass? Use some hemisphere (half sphere) foam inserts in its ass. Want different breasts? Use whatever you want! The options are limited to your imagination and the resistance of the fabric.
  3. Easy to hide. Have company? Just shove the Nui inside a laundry bag and it can stay on plain sight. also, at 24 inches tall when filled, you can toss it inside a closet and throw a few clothes over it to hide your doll. Need to hide it for the long term? Remove the filling and just fold and stash inside your drawers. Simple…
  4. Easy to clean and repair. When Nui becomes dirty – it will, believe me – just remove the filler material and throw it into the washing machine with your light color clothes. Try to do that with other fabric dolls…
Nui’s cons:
  1. Fabric resistance. The Nui is made with a fabric similar to spandex, so the fabric is thin but resistant. Be sure to avoid hard edges since the fabric can rip.
  2. No head. Yes, I like my girls with a head…but for $50, I will let that one pass!
The Nui is in my opinion the best doll for those looking for their first one. For less than $100, you get to experience with different sensations, different masturbator sizes, and a doll that feels great as a sex pillow. If you are looking for a doll on a budget, you should get a Nui.
Score: 24 / 25

Realism: 4 / 5.  The Nui will feel different depending on the filler.

Storing: 5 / 5. Easy to store in a closet or inside a laundry bag.

Maintenance: 5 / 5. Easy to maintain. Can be washed with your laundry if needed and easily repaired with thread and needle.

Cleaning: 5 / 5. Again, easy to wash with the rest of your laundry.

Weight: 5 / 5. As light or heavy as you want it to be!

Here with Meiki Plush Doll. The difference? $125!
Here with Meiki Plush Doll. The difference? $125!

Available at: QueenCat Adult Toys


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