Doll Review: ToyDemon’s Meiki Plush Doll

Since I began this blog I had complained about meikis’ two drawbacks: the difficulty of using them for hands-free sessions due to their softness and the inability of using any of my dolls as holders because the damn things are too big. Well, I was not the only one complaining and one company listened: ToyDemon.

Last month, ToyDemon launched the Meiki Plush Doll, a masturbator holder (or mount, as we call them) in the shape of a well curved torso. It is similar to the superfamous Venus Love Pillow, but unlike the Venus Pillow, the new Meiki Plush Doll is able to fit a variety of masturbators thanks to a vaginal opening that accepts all sizes between the typical midsize Japanese masturbator to the mighty Fleshlights.  How good is this new torso? Lets review…

General Description

The Meiki Plush Doll (Photo: CasqueteroFiles)

The Meiki Plush Doll (MPD) is a plush torso with natural 1:1 measurements. This doll has measurements of 18″ x 14″ x 24″ (about 45 cm x 36 cm x 61 cm) with curves measuring 34-24-34. In the best Japanese style, it doesn’t have nipples (most Japanese plush doll don’t have nipples), but breasts are easily a large C-size cup. The material is the common velour fabric used in similar sex dolls – a fabric that is pretty resistant to dirt and easy to clean – and the interior is filled with a firm and springy fiber materials that gives the proper resistance to the touch.

The MPD major selling point is its ability to accept masturbators from different companies. You can place popular toys like the Seventeen series, Tenga cups, meikis like the Maria Ozawa and the XZY, and even the champion of oversized masturbators, the Fleshlight. All these toys are easily adjusted in place by using the included Ona-Hole Wrap (a soft plastic cover placed around the masturbator to make the insertion easier) and tightening the MPD’s vaginal cord to keep the insert in its place.

The Review

The MPD with the Chika Eiro

 I wanted to test ToyDemon’s claim that the MPD would accept different sizes of masturbators, so I took three of my favorites to fit my new plush dollie: Meiki Chika Eiro, Seventeen Burdeaux, and the STU Fleshlight. The Chika Eiro fit pretty easily using the Ona-Hole Wrap in its larger setting (3). To ease the insertion even more, I placed a common plastic shopping bag around the Ona-Hole and Meiki (a trick I had used with my other dolls). The plastic bag helps to insert the meiki – and using it with the Ona-Hole wrap makes that insertion even faster and easier. Make a simple knot with the cord and you are ready to go!

Using smaller toys like the Seventeen Burdeaux is even easier, you just need to adjust the Ona-Hole wrap to its smaller setting and place the masturbator into the new busty lady.

The MPD with the Seventeen Burdeaux

Of course the Fleshlight fits, although it does not go completely in. You will have about 1 inch out if you use the Fleshlight’s case, but the plastic is not noticeable thanks to the nice thighs of the MPD.

I have to say that all three fit perfectly, staying in place even during some intense “cowgirl” sessions.

Now, you can see the doll has nice curves – those breasts are impossible to miss on the photos – and they feel even better. The doll feels a little bit hard the first tie you use it, something completely normal with ALL plush dolls. By the third session with it, the MPD felt more lifelike, and I expect it to become as comfy and cuddly as my Love Venus R which is my oldest doll.


 The major advantage of any torso is their mobility and the MPD is perfect to practice any sexual position you want to practice. With a weight below 8 pounds, it is the perfect “girlfriend” to play around.

If you like to dress your dolls, the MPD wears an adult Small (S) size and it is easy to dress (no head, arms, or legs around).

Cleaning plush dolls is pretty easy, just use a damp cloth with a laundry detergent (Woolite works great) and spot clean.


Looks: 5/5 (Considering it is a headless torso)
Realism: 5/5 (Realistic proportions, sensations very close to real flesh response)
Fuckability: 5/5 (Hole in the right place, accepts multiple types of inserts, lightweight)
Comfort: 5/5 (It is so comfortable, you can even use it as a pillow)
Storage: 4/5 (Easy to hide in a closet if you need to. Can use Fabreeze or other fresheners if needed )

Total:  24 / 25

Verdict: The Meiki Plush Doll is a cool mount for those who like having hands-free sessions with their masturbators. It can be used with a wide variety of available toys in the market, has excellent life-like proportions, and the materials feel like they should. It can be dressed with regular clothes (for those of us who like to have some fantasies) and it is, like most plush dolls, perfect to cuddle during sleep time. For about $250 it is a serious contender on the plush sex dolls market.

How does it look dressed? Check it with a one-piece swimsuit…

23 thoughts on “Doll Review: ToyDemon’s Meiki Plush Doll”

  1. Just wanted to give a quick DIY tip for using Fleshlights with their cases with the Meiki Plush:
    Normally the doll entrance is just a bit too tight for the FL case to fit in completely due to 4 slim plastic ring-shaped prolongations that are located directly at the front end of the case. Their increased diameter leaves the case to stick out about one inch.

    So I removed those “rings” with a dremel and sanded it down to be flush and even with the rest of the surface. Afterwards I covered the now rough surface with regular tape to make it smooth again.
    Be aware, though, that this process won’t let you put the front cap back on, so that you have to buy a new case or store your sleeves somewhere else. As an example, I use sex toy bags made from air permeable fabric which is cheaper and more space efficient than owning a case for every single masturbator sleeve.


    1. In fact, you can insert the whole Fleshlight inside the Meiki Plush Doll canal. The guys @ Toy Demon gave me the trick – take the sleeve out of the case and insert the empty case first, then replace the sleeve.

      I tried it and the FL looked exactly as in the Meiki’s promotional photos!

      Still, that mod is an interesting one…

    2. Well, I don’t know what you have tried… 🙂

      The difference is air pressure. Believe it or not, inserting the empty case makes the insertion easier because it creates less air pressure than inserting it with the sleeve – specially if you don’t fully close the case.

      It is possible that the dolls have different tolerances – variation in manufacturing is always an issue in all products. Regardless, your mod is a good option for those with the desire to have custom experiences.

    1. I only had tried the Venus Clone in the VERY SOFT level and I loved it. I haven’t posted my review yet, but it felt extremely real when used with the Meiki Doll.

      The only thing with softer materials is that the textures also feel softer, so if you are looking for intensity, don’t look there!

  2. Casquetero –

    Any thoughts on trying a Meiki insert instead of FL? I have the STU and Destroya. I figure that either nothing will match up to them anyway or I will find that I like Meiki’s more and have to abandon all of my FL’s. I just started getting into this so I don’t want waste a bunch of money. Meiki’s seem to cost more in the long run anyway. I would really like to just stick with FL’s and not let my curiosity get the best of me. Thoughts?

    1. I use both Meikis and FLs and they are in separate leagues. Using one does not mean you will stop using the other – it only gives you more options to enjoy your time!

      Meikis have textures that are way softer than the STU and the Destroya, so if you are looking for intense experiences, forget about the meikis. If on the other hand, you want more realistic experiences, Meikis could be the best alternative. I switch weekly between textures depending on how I feel and what sensations I want to experience.

      If you want to experience the meiki material without spending too much, you should try the Succubus or the Lillith masturbators sold by QueenCat toys. The SOFT level feels very close to most meikis and they don’t cost more than $35.

      The main problem with sex toys is that reviews are basically useless.We all feel different, so you will need to experiment with different brands and styles to find the ones that are right for you…

  3. Yep… I received it and compared to the photos, the ass is better than expected, even without the T-Back thong I bought for it. And the tits are more manageable than I thought too. Not my favorite but perhaps my hands are big enough to handle all of that. I do hope the popularity builds up though so perhaps TD can develop a less developed younger sister.

    1. I understand you. I have a GF with breasts on the B/C borderline and they are fantastic. In dolls, I have the Eri Nanjo which have smaller breasts and it is one of my favorite dolls to use… We’ll see if TD decides to develop a thinner sister to the Meiki.

      With use, the doll becomes softer and cuddlier – so expect the breasts and the ass to feel better after a few months.

      Enjoy the honeymoon!

  4. That is just it. Flatter, pear-shaped breasts are more Japanese girl than rounded. It is just weird to me but at the same time, less detail = lower production cost. That is why there are no cheeks either. I think they will come around though. The will make enough money on this one to sell a better one for still under $300 I think.

    1. It is also that even if ToyDemon sells Japanese toys, they are an American company selling to American clients who prefer rounder breasts.

      About the ass cheeks, the Meiki has one of the most detailed backsides I had seen in a plush doll – only the high priced Dekunoboo dolls have more details and they cost three times the price of the Meiki.

  5. I like how you put that. If Toy Demon could ever get the price dropped, it would be something to consider. From photos, the Venus R seems more realistic looking terms of shape, including more realistic breasts. I am visualizing the Meiki and wishing I could shrink those breasts a cup size. I mean, Toy Demon is so “Japanese product-oriented” and I am therefore a bit surprised that they put “C” breasts on a plush. I know that more Americans are into the bigger breasts but I wish that they would have at least did a “petite” version. OR… I am looking at this thing in the photos and on YouTube and seeing something much larger than what it really is. Anyways, I have just ordered it and it will be here after work on Friday. I also ordered a strong t-back thong to try to create a rear crack. I am also considering a pair of those Brazilian pants with cheek holes to create cheeks. I guess it is on the way and we are going to have to see. With that, I am into Fleshlights and don’t plan on getting into Meikis. I am sure that they are great but Fleshlights are sort of indestructable, more affordable, and there are enough options for me. Being able to take a Fleshlight is important. This weekend, Meiki will be tested out with a Vortex, Wonderwave, Super Ribbed, Mini-Lotus, Mini-Swallow, Destroya, and STU. I think this is the whole point for me: Something to serve as a Fleshlight vehicle. However, I am mainly into the cowgirl position. I have a few ideas as to how I might add four or five pounds to get her riding better if I need it. I hope this works out! Let me know if you have any further thoughts!

    1. In fact, both the Venus R and the Meiki Doll have C size breasts – the difference is more on the shape. The Meiki has more rounded breasts while the Venus have a flatter, pear shaped approach.

      If you plan to stick with Fleshlights, then the only option in the market is the Meiki Doll. The Venus does not accept them and even larger dolls require the FLs to be modified.

      I would like for TD to make a meiki doll similar to the Venus R or the Yuka by Dekunoboo. We’ll see…

      Try the doll in reverse cowgirl – it is even better!

      Enjoy your testing session.

  6. Personally, I started my collection with the Venus R, so I am partial to it – “she” is my favorite!.

    The feel very alike, but if you are starting with dolls, maybe the Meiki Doll is a better choice. First, it is cheaper – about half the price of the Venus R. If you realize dolls are not for you, the Meiki doll is easier to sell or store. Second, the Meiki and accepts a wider variety of inserts – from smaller toys all the way to full size meikis and Fleshlights. The Venus R only accept up to mid-size toys like the 17 Bordeaux.

    Starting my harem now, I would buy the Meiki first. If later you want to increase your harem, then move to the Venus R…

  7. Thank you for the great review. I am about to order either one of these are the Venus R with it’s arms, head, etc. If you are a first timer when it comes to dolls, which of these two do you go with and why? Please reply. I bet I am not the only one that would like to hear the opinion of someone who has both!

    1. Thanks,

      Answering your question deserves a whole post – it is a difficult comparison! Personally I prefer solid dolls because of my weight (they support my weight on missionary) and the fact that inserting the masturbators is a lot easier. But I will go on a full comparison on a post!

  8. Hey Casquetero,

    First off, really appreciate the effort you put into making a pretty damn comprehensive list of toys on the market. You’re definitely a boss, so yeah.

    That being said, I’m on the seesaw about getting either the Meiki Plush Doll or an inflatable plastic (in particular, the Love Body Risa). They are both very similar in form and function. In your opinion is it worth the price difference for comfort?

  9. You can warm the meiki with hot water – either submerging it in hot tap water or flushing just the tunnel. Another way is to warm the lotion / lubricant by heating water in the microwave and placing the lube bottle in the hot water for a few minutes. The warmed lube will war the meiki enough.

    Personally, I don’t warm my masturbators or the lube. I found that if they are at room temperature, my own body heat will warm the meiki pretty fast.

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