Dude, what’s going on?! (Goals Update)

Today I was able to do some maintenance on the blog and found this comment:

Love reading your reviews, but it seems like you’ve given up on your New Year’s resolutions already? Only one post so far this year?!?!

The reality is that no, I haven’t given up on my goals, but my job and my health have been uncooperative since January. At work, I had been added 3 times more work (even after notifying them about my debilitating conditions), so as a result, my conditions had worsen. Since January, the dosage of both my painkillers and the CBD I am using as part of my treatment had tripled, so you can imagine the effect they have on my energy levels. 

I have to manage priorities, and unfortunately, The Casquetero Files does not pay my bills. With the commissions I earn here, I can only cover the cost of hosting the website – nothing else. My job covers the rest, so you guys understand where my energies are directed…

I have not given up on the blog, but I have to regroup… So these are my goals for the REST of the year!

  1. New posting schedule. My energy levels are so low on Fridays, that the only thing I am able to do is crashing on my bed. Saturdays are often gone in a haze of full strength painkillers and super strong CBD intake. Because of that, I will be writing articles on Mondays and will push myself to post the reviews on Saturdays, as well as a vlog every other Saturday, depending on what product I am testing.
  2. Go to at least one event. Like I mentioned in January, both Exxxotica and Frolicon were eliminated from the list due to date conflicts with my job. Just last week, the TDF Doll Meet was cancelled (maybe postponed) due to the sale of the venue we used. TDF’s management is looking for a new venue, but that will take months and the best chance to have a Meet is during the Fall – when attending is almost impossible due to work schedules. Seems so far that the only event I am going in 2018 is NY Expo…
  3. Do some collaborations. The collaborations are still on the table, but we have been unable to set up a date.
  4. Expand my “horizons”. This one is still going strong – and you guys will see the results in May!
  5. Be more active in social media. I had been slightly more active on Twitter this year – so that counts!
  6. Continue to be a heel! That one is easy: I’m just being myself…

Stay tuned, because I have already some reviews on track.

  • Toy Demon’s Meiki Plush DX doll
  • Toy Demon’s Infinity masturbator
  • Dekunoboo’s My Wife Series G
  • Ruby 13 doll
  • Teddy Babes Deluxe – Duo from Hell (Arachna and Sonya)
  • And more!

And remember: I WILL NEVER GIVE YOU UP!!!

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