El Casquetero in FleshAssist.com!

Last week I was invited to share my reviews with the community at FleshAssist.com, a Fleshlight user community that reviews, scores, and compares the different textures available from ILF.

What can you find at FleshAssist?

Among other things, you can find these three useful sections in FleshAssist:

  • A ranking of Fleshlight textures. Ranking products is a time-consuming job and FleshAssist does a wonderful job ranking these toys by Intensity, Realism, and Overall Score. 
  • Interactive comparison of textures. Insecure about which texture to buy? Go to that page and put your textures face to face (or pussy to pussy) and compare them in 10 different categories.
  • Texture Advisor. If you are looking for specific characteristics for your next Fleshlight, the Advisor can show you the best options based on 10 slider bars including Intensity, Suction, Cleanup, and Drying Time among others. Really cool app!
FleshAssist already included my Fleshlight reviews to their website as well as the ones available from The Power House (a legendary Fleshlight user who unfortunately passed away in 2013), and other reviewers who are part of the community.
Like yours truly, FleshAssist.com is managed by an independent Fleshlight user, so if you decide to buy a Fleshie while browsing the site, click on the BUY NOW buttons on their pages to help FleshAssist get the commission money.
Happy Flying!