Event Review: Frolicon 2019

Last weekend I was in Atlanta participating in my third Frolicon since 2015. (You can read about them here [2017] and here [2015 – Day 1, Day 2, Day 3])

If you have never heard about this convention before, I call Frolicon the “Freak and Geek” convention. It mixes geek culture components such as anime, steampunk and cosplay, lifestyle components such as swingers and polyamory, different sexual identities, all the kinks from classical BDSM to puppy / pony play and extreme “playing” styles like blood play, and lots of information and you have an idea. Add liberal amounts of fun in the shape of games, shows, comedy, music and truckloads of alcohol and you can understand why I went again this year – even when I am 47 and cannot party as hard as I did in the 1990’s

You get the idea…

As usual, I could write a book with all the stuff I experienced last weekend, but since I do not want to bore the shit out of you, I will give you the good, the bad, and the ugly highlights of Frolicon 2019…


The people. I have said it before, and I will say it again – the people attending Frolicon are the best!

Not actual photo from event… Just to give you an idea

Smooth registration. Check in at the host hotel was super easy and with barely a line (I arrived at 4 pm of the first day of the Con). Same with registering for the convention – quick and easy.

Large variety of classes. Unlike other years, the classes this year covered a wide variety of topics. From Kink 101 to Consent and Trans Issues, there was something for everyone. I was able to learn new bondage techniques, some photography tricks, and shared a session with other folks with chronic conditions.

New activities mixed with old favorites. This year they had the hypnosis show and the strip tease competition – both classics I have enjoyed in previous visits. But this year they had new activities. A fisting competition, a voyeur / orgy party and a hentai watching party were some of the new activities I enjoyed that were either new this year or were started in 2018.

Fisting: When a dick won’t do the trick!

Again, no chance to be bored. Like is tradition at Frolicon, their program does not give you a chance to be bored. There was always something interesting happening – class, show, party, or game, you could count on something to do.

Tits and asses everywhere! As someone with voyeuristic tendencies, going to this event gives me an opportunity to let myself go. There is nudity – lots of it – , and sexual energy is all over the convention floor. I experienced naked bodies since day 1 of the con and kept experiencing them throughout the weekend – so much it lost some of its appeal. There was the occasional naked guy,but hey, that comes with the territory…


I have too much against me. I am not from the area, went by myself, I am a fat guy, I am Hispanic, and I am an heterosexual guy. Those factors limit my playing chances much more than I realized during my previous participation. Add the fact I am in a weird group: a 47 years old male who likes modern approaches. That is a major disadvantage because most of the participants in my age group are “old school” – everything is about leather and hardcore BDSM – while the people liking modern approaches are below 35. These age groups rarely mix, although I saw some improvements from my last time.


I am too old… My conditions acted up as usual forcing me to pace myself during the weekend. I missed some activities I wanted to participate (masturbation party, anyone?) and had to exchange others to lessen the impact on my body. C’est la vie!


If you are kinky and live in the East Coast of the USA, you should try Frolicon. It has an unique environment and it really accepts people of all walks of life. Even if you are from other areas of the country, the expense will be justified because the environment is relaxed and fun. Will I attend again? Most likely… specially if I make a couple of connections before Easter 2020!

Let me know if you want to make a group…

Check frolicon.com for the 2020 dates.