Exxxotica Atlantic City – Part 1

It’s April 14, Exxxotica Atlantic City is over, and I’m back at Casa Casquetero after a weekend of seeing so many beautiful, almost naked women that I have masturbation material for the rest of the month! This was my first ever adult show, so I want to share with you some of the highlights, what I enjoyed, and what I would improve if I was in charge…

What I liked…

Easy registration. Although I had been in tens of expos in different roles – presenter, exhibitor, and participant – Exxxotica was my first adult themed show. I liked how easy it was to buy tickets and to register once you arrived to the venue. The organizers really wanted to feel you welcomed and that you have a good time – and they make the initial steps easy and quick as possible.

So innocent with her teddy bear! AWWW!

A buffet of flesh. I had never seen so many barely clothed women in a room in my life. As soon as I entered I was greeted by a stripper in lingerie giving out bags, behind her there were three girls posing seductively on innocent looking beds, and to their left, yet another girl was using a gigantic swing. At my right, there were the VNA talent and a few booths behind them, Ameera Milan was giving anyone willing to pay $20 a brutal lap dance that kept a lively audience at all times. All that just when you had walked like 10 steps! Between exhibitors, you found pole dancing stations where you always had one or two girls dancing, and chain cages with more girls. Add the porn stars –  hundreds of them in different styles of clothing, going from sexy lingerie, stripper clothes, leather, cosplay, to regular dresses and even Hooters’ uniforms. I saw so much ass that I don’t even need to go to the beach this year!

Variety of activities. Besides the exhibitors, porn stars, and toys, the expo included seminars, stage appearances, and even musical presentations. I have to say the stage activities were cool – giving free stuff, Q & A sessions with porn stars, and even some stand-up comedy (Evan Stone has a funny and entertaining routine). The seminars were even better with sessions about every topic you can imagine: how to get into the adult industry, how porn had changed in the last 30 years (“lectured” by the Legend Ron Jeremy), S & M, dominatrices, kinky sex, and even one about how to select sex toys for the ladies.

Too vanilla for you?

That redhead deserved a good spankin’!

They had The Dungeon, an area dedicated to everything BDSM – cages, flogging, domination, chains, and Japanese bondage among others – where you could participate… if you dared.

A relaxed environment. What I really liked was the informal and relaxed environment in the expo. The majority of stars would agree to pose for a photo without any problem and all were engaged talking with fans, laughing and posing for photos with them (many of them charged $5 to $20 per photo depending if they used your camera or if you wanted an autograph). Even after a whole weekend dealing with people, I saw Kristina Rose, Joanna Angel, Rubber Doll, Sheridan Love, and Teagan Presley talking with anyone who stopped at their booths, making them feeling special. Also, the stars were constantly interacting with attendees – dancing during musical presentations, making practical jokes to each other on their booths, and even taking photos with fans on the Boardwalk.

What I did not like…

If you are a guy – NO TOYS FOR YOU! Most of the 60 exhibitors were porn stars booths or porn producers. The four or five exhibitors that were showing toys, only ONE had a few disposable TENGA cups and two others had prostate massagers and cock rings. That was it… millions of dildos, butt plugs, lingerie, and even “attitude” t-shirts, but not one exhibitor had a variety just for guys. I know that for many of us, using a toy is a sign of “failure”, but at least they could have a few cheap toys there…

Evan Stone bothering Ron Jeremy during one of the seminars

Nowhere to sit down. Not all the attendees to the expo were young people in their 20’s  – many were in their late 40’s , 50’s and even higher – and there was nowhere to sit and rest your legs / feet unless you invaded the Seminar area. At one time, I was asked to leave the Seminar area because it was going to be used as an assembly area for a presentation. I ended going to the Casino to sit down for a few minutes. Just add a few chairs or a lounge area, because not all your attendees are young and sexy…

Too many changes to the schedule. I don’t know what happened, but many of the stage performances and seminars were cancelled even when the “presenters” were in attendance. That caused that the sound from both areas was working at the same time making feedback, or simply making listening and understanding impossible. That happened during the first presentation from Ron Jeremy (Saturday) when the cover band Girls, Girls, Girls started their presentation. Even with the use of a PA, the sound from the stage simply overpowered the PA system. Something that should not happened.

Later I will share some of the highlights from my experience @ Exxxotica!