First Run: Alien, Vibro Original, Vibro Cyclone Fleshlights

My last three purchases from were the Vibro Original FL, the Vibro Cyclone FL, and the just released new version of the Alien FL. After a test run on each, this is my opinion on these new additions to my increasing collection:

Vibro Original
The Vibro series are Fleshlights with three spaces on the inside of the sleeve where you stick one to three vibrating bullets (included with purchase). The Original is the widest texture offered by Fleshlight with a diameter of 3/4 inches (0.75 inches) and being a wide smooth texture if often relegated to newbies and guys with extremely wide penises. Adding the bullets makes the entrance tighter – a lot tighter – and the vibration is too strong to be really pleasurable. Take out one of the bullets and the sleeve becomes pleasurable and surprisingly strong to cum in. After just a 30 minutes sessions I had a surprise orgasm – rare ones when you cum buckets without even realizing you were building an orgasm. This original is going to see more action soon whenever I want a smooth and long session with a powerful ending.

Vibro Cyclone
Another FL in the Vibro series, this one has a spiral that begins at the entrance of the orifice and continues all the way until the end of the sleeve, which gets narrower through the end. I tried this one without the vibrating bullets to let the texture do its work and it worked great. The spiral is always there and after a glorious 45 minutes long hands free sessions I was cumming inside the Cyclone.

The Holy Grail for Fleshlight forum members, this sleeve was relaunched on September 30 after much requesting from Fleshlight clients. The sleeve has a combination of textures: Vortex at the entrance, Lotus cervical node and a modified STU texture beginning four inches inside the texture. At first use, the sleeve feels stickier than desired, but that is no impediment to enjoy the multiple sensations when using it. The vortex received me and the lotus node popped as expected. The modified STU caressed the tip of my penis (remember, just 5 inches here…) well enough to make me feel the tingling previous to orgasm. After a 30 minutes session I exploded inside the Alien. It requires more use to tame the Vortex and the STU, so the Alien will receive additional testing in the following weeks.

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