GoFundMe Campaign to Purchase Ruby13!

If you are a reader of this blog, you know I have a nice harem of sex dolls. There are a couple of dolls I consider my “dream dolls” because one way or another they were out of my reach. One of them was the Ruby13 in its ebony color – and I say it was, because I ordered one last May!

Waiting for her…

The problem is that about a month ago, the current owner of Ruby13 announced a hiatus of operations and subsequently, posted the sale offering of the company. He is completing pending orders until October and then… that’s it!

That announcement prompted me to ask the current owner about the company’s price and to my surprise, it was a doable price! Right there, I decided to throw my hat into the process. Yes you read it right… Your pal El Casque is trying to purchase Ruby13 and keep it an unique brand made in the USA!

For the past 3 weeks I had been doing my homework. I contacted the owner with some ideas and he is extremely receptive…but obtaining the necessary funding has been an uphill battle. I have contacted a couple of friends with interest in the sex toy / sex doll industry but they are unable to invest at the time due to other ventures. Checked with the SBA, but they do not lend to adult-related enterprises. I can use the equity on my house in Puerto Rico, but I need to be there to initiate the transaction – and knowing how the bank works in PR, it will easily take 6 months to process it… That left crowdfunding as the last option!

You are in this blog, so you know I had been reviewing sex toys for the past 7 years. In those years I have reviewed more than 200 masturbators, toys, and dolls of EVERY type. You have watched my YouTube videos and have asked for advice about toy and doll purchases. Lets say I have the understanding of what really works in a toy!

You also know I am a sex doll owner. I have an exaggerated number of synthetic companions in my apartment with dolls of different makers and materials. Plush, silicone, TPE, – even some medical mannequins – and a couple of customs adorn my studio. Also, one of the dolls to be delivered by October is my “dream doll”, so I like the quality of this brand.

I am confident the current owner is going to do his max to fulfill the pending orders by the time he promised, but the question is what will happen to Ruby afterwards?

There are other suitors, including at least one Chinese business. Something tells me that if a Chinese company purchases Ruby13, the doll will stop having its unique identity. Most likely, the material will switch to TPE and the Rubies will become yet another body type / face type available among the hundreds (thousands?) already in the market. Personally, as an admirer of the Ruby 13 style, I would prefer those designs to be part of an unique brand with its own identity. That’s why I am pushing for this purchase.

If you want to contribute to this effort, please visit this link https://www.gofundme.com/keeping-the-ruby-13-legacy-alive.

I included some rewards for those people who contribute. Please note that the rewards are subject of my purchase of the company. IF THE PURCHASE DOES NOT HAPPEN I WILL REFUND ALL DONATIONS by November 2017.

The goal of the campaign (plus whatever other funding I can obtain from traditional methods) will cover the following:
1) Purchase of the Ruby brand
2) Transfer of the operations to facility in NY
3) Development of 3 new heads – 2 “fantasy type” + 1 “realistic”
4) Development of at least 1 new body type
5) Development of new accessories
6) Promotion in live and online events

I will be traveling to Puerto Rico tomorrow to continue my funding quest – and to enjoy some family quality time – and will have very limited access to the Internet during the next few weeks, but I will try to chime in to answer questions related to this effort.

Again, the crowdfunding link is www.gofundme.com/keeping-the-ruby-13-legacy-alive.

Thanks in advance!

Your pal El Casque.