Happy Face = Broken Resolutions

Back in January I made the resolution to avoid buying new toys (or sex training devices) until June of this year. Well, as you can imagine, that resolution went to hell. It is mid February, and to add new sensations to my Venus R doll, I bought a bunch of cheap onaholes that fit into the doll’s opening. These are my new additions:

Peach Pai ($25)
This onahole from ToysHeart has a slight curve and an unique stimulation texture of “warts” and major ribs. It is softer than expected and pretty good for free hand sessions with the Venus R. 

Love Shake – Real ($15)
You can call this toy the Little Cheap Pussy That Feels Great. As its name tells you, it feels very realistic – even more than the more expensive meikis, The material is extremely soft for an economy priced toy and a great addition to any collection.

Love Shake Function ($15)
The black cousin of the Real, this Love Shake is designed to make your eyes roll. A mixture of ribs and parallel textures make this soft economy masturbator a good addition for any love doll enthusiast.

SI-X Type R ($15)
The sponge like material of this economy onahole is deceiving because it is stretchy and extremely comfortable during use. The internal structure is tight and extremely busy – guaranteed to make you bust a nut after a few good humps to your love doll.

SI-X Type N ($15)
If you want a good simulator of vaginal sex and you are in a budget, look no further. This economic onahole fells extremely close to the real thing and its design of wavy chambers and parallel ridges will stimulate your penis constantly. Bonus points for the cartoon of the penis head with eyes on the package!

G-Channel ($15)
The only hole-through onahole that fits the Venus R, its design is simplistic – a tight ribbed section, followed by a slightly wider ribbed section, ending in a short section of nubs. As simple as it is, it is really effective since the micro ribs press your shaft all the time while the wider ribs and the nubs rub your penis head. Simple, cheap, and powerful – what else do you want?

Sexy School Bundle (Honoka, Lilia, Aina – $50 for the set)

A set of three onaholes with hole through design, each with an unique pattern of ribs, nubs and pressure points. Extremely soft material providing a range of sensations from realistic to completely insane.

In addition to these onaholes, I have succumbed to try the next step in robotic masturbation (thanks to the reviews from muddbutt, orlandot94, and others in both the Fleshlight and ToysDemon user forums) – the Cobra Libre from Fun Factory. This male vibrator with a futuristic look is the latest craze, so I had to try it. I will post a review as soon I test it a few times.

Now lets see if I can avoid buying any more toys until June…