I am a Sex Blogging Superhero! (Does it matter?)

Well, November started with a cool surprise…


Somehow, this blog made Kinkly’s 2016 Top 100 Sex Blogs and in the process made me a Sex Blogger Superhero. I say somehow because…

  1. I am a “heel” sex toy reviewer. If you are a wrestling fan, you know the “heel” is the “bad guy” – and in many ways I represent the “bad guy” in the community. I write from the straight, traditional man point of view – or as many in the community call us, the binary, cis-gender, hetero normative, male scum. Obviously, a heel!
  2. I am definitively a “binary” supporter (more on that in future posts).
  3. I criticize feminism on a regular basis (remember – I don’t like “feminism”, I support “Feminism”).
  4. I consider much of the “gender identities” debate a load of overblown BS (more on that later…promise).
  5. I am not a sex therapist, a sex educator, or a mental health professional. I’m a educated fool with money on my mind, my ten in my hand and a gleam in my eye… (Thanks Coolio!)
  6. I don’t use the community jargon. Much of the community jargon derives from US American feminist and LGBT communities. Nothing wrong with these communities, but I don’t belong to any of them. I’m not US American, not a feminist, and not part of the LGBT community – so why use something that I don’t  identify with?
  7. Hell, I even label myself as a MGTOW! (Stop foaming at the mouth! #NotAllMGTOW!)

Basically, I’m not your average male sex toy reviewer… Still, I have a voice – an uncommon voice in the community – and that understanding pushed me to participate and see what could happen. I even told my friends at The Doll Forum (many voted for me – THANKS!) that it would be a miracle that my blog would get listed anywhere. I even promised to raffle a couple of doll related items in the Forum if I made the Top 100…


Making the list really means a lot to me. It does not validate my “work” – I receive that validation from the e-mails, DMs, and comments I receive asking about my opinion on different toys. It does not feed my bank account – this is my hobby, not my job (there is a reason I use a mask on the vlogs). It does not mean my blog is better than the other 400 blogs under consideration – damn, Sunny Megatron who is freaking expert is just one spot above me and many other great bloggers new and veteran did not make the list.

To me, the ranking is unimportant – #89 (my ranking), #100, or #1 is the same. What matters to me is that my voice is being heard out there. That more people will look at this 6 years-old blog and will discover it for the first time. That guys out there will not be afraid of buying an interesting sex toy designed for them and that their partner(s) will not ridicule them for fucking a rubber pussy, a rubber ass, or a sex doll. That more straight guys will learn that masturbating for pleasure is not wrong and nothing to feel ashamed. That sex discussion is not only a feminist thing or a LGBT thing or a religious thing but a HUMAN THING.

It also means that I need to keep learning. That I need to become part of a community that for the past 6 years I completely ignored – and that in turn, it ignored me. That I have to prepare myself for new experiences both in the blogosphere and in real life. That is why being included in this list means so much to me…

To Kinkly – THANK YOU for opening the door to small, dissident blogs like mine.

To all the participants – THANK YOU for being yourselves and sharing your experiences, fears, hopes, dreams, and rants.

To the voters – THANK YOU because you push your favorite blogger to be better, stronger, and (type) faster.

To toy manufacturers – C’mon send a few free toys to all of the bloggers! WE ARE BROKE!


Now, let me order a new mask… Iron Man or Deadpool would be cool