I Need Your Help In A Personal Project!

This post is to ask for your help in a personal project…

My project is simple. I want to raise awareness about cancer types that only affect men – prostate and testicular cancer. In October, EVERYBODY and their cousins wear pink to save the TETAS, but few remember to save the PELOTAS. That really pissed me off… Are breasts more important than my prostate and my balls? I don’t think so!

As you can see, Brazilians love nuts!

This year, I decided to become involved somehow. In late October, I joined the Movember Foundation in my private character. I pledged a small donation and I am doing the mustache challenge to create awareness in my workplace. But I feel I need to do more… and this is why I decided to donate my November affiliate earnings.

Yes, I decided to donate 100% of my November affiliate earnings to the Prostate Cancer Foundation. That means my November commissions from the links below will be used to help funding research and development of male-exclusive cancers. The links are:

The reasons are very personal and close to home…
Ten years ago, in October 30, I lost one of my grandfathers due to a prostate cancer that was detected too late. A year before his death, he had to be hospitalized and doctors found the cancer. When the doctors went to remove the prostate, they realized the cancer had already affected other organs. Even after getting intensive treatment, the cancer spread, affecting his colon – which ultimately killed him.

Last week (first week of November), a close friend took his life after battling with testicular cancer for years. In the 8 years since I met him, he went trough the initial treatment and the removal of a testicle. That process was a tough one for him, specially because he was still young and forming a family. In his suicide note, he wrote the cancer had returned and doctors were considering removing the remaining testicle. He could not manage that… He was 38.



This is why I decided to get involved this year. I will be posting the donated quantity public by December 15, 2015 on this website and in a video on YouTube.


Thanks in advance!

Because we are HEROES!

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