I’m so sick… my Black Friday buys.

Before anyone tells me that Black Friday was last week, I need to say I KNOW! I write this post this week because I received my new additions on Friday  and really began to play with them yesterday, so is until today that I can share with you my friend my opinions on these new rubber pussies…

1. Ice Crystal Fleshlight
The recently launched Crystal texture from our friends from ILF takes a lot of influences from Japanese toys – different textures, varying the canal diameter, and even including a stimulation orb placed strategically for those of us with shorter penises. The testing session proved this sleeve as one with promises of intensity and good control over the orgasms.

2. Tera Patrick’s Twista Fleshlight Girl
The Twista is one of the most recommended textures in the Fleshlight forum and I found why in my test flight with it. Like the Wonder Wave it provides constant stimulation, but being a single twisting spiral with a canal that reduces gradually in diameter, it provides sensations on the penis head that few textures can provide.

3. Eva Angelina’s .69 Caliber FLG
The .69 Caliber was one of those textures that had been lurking in the back of my head since it was released but always lost to other textures thanks to its gimmicky interior. It is basically a smooth texture with chambers shaped in form of a bullet. Surprisingly, it is a good stimulating sleeve, with the smaller parts of the bullet feeling good enough to keep it interesting.

4. Innocent Younger Sister
One of the highest selling toys from Japan, this sleeve is tight, has a nicely complex texture and promises to give a bunch of wild orgasms.

5. Seven Teen Evo
Another high quality sleeve from the Far East. This one is tight, realistic enough and based on the reviews on the Toy Demon forum, a pleasure to use.

6. Clone Meiki Mint Suzuki
A clear sleeve from Japan. I bought this meiki to test the quality of the clear toys and sad to say this thing is stickier than the Ice FL (which is sticky as hell). Although the sleeve feels disgustingly sticky, the interior promises to be a good, tight resemblance to anal sex.

7. Clone Meiki Tsubomi
Another meiki on the mid level range, this is slightly scaled down and promises a pleasurable time with a realistic and soft interior texture.

8. Aneros MGX
This one is really a new frontier for me. The Aneros is a prostate masagger / stimulator, meaning it has to be inserted anally to be used. Being Latino, anything that involves inserting something in your backdoor for pleasure equals homosexual tendencies, but I decided to try something new every year, so this is the new thing. After reading much about the benefits of prostate stimulation, I decided to take the plunge and try it first hand (or first hole) and later say if it’s worth the trauma of loosing the anal cherry.

By the way, this is my last planned buy of sex toys until June of next year. I already have way too many…