Inflatababe #1: Love Body Aki

So, I will begin my plastic harem review with an import from Japan: the Love Body Aki. This is a torso that is part of a famous love body series in Japan and the US. The main characteristic of the whole series is that unlike most inflatable dolls, the Love Body series is completely clear. Yes… these dolls are crystal clear, so you can see what is going on at all times. That aside, the Aki is one of the most popular love bodies around – lets see why!

Aki package

The Love Body Aki (Aki) is a clear vinyl doll made by the Japanese company A1. This doll is a torso, meaning that it does not have hands or a head, but it has full legs and arms. It represents the body of a young petite woman (18-19 years) with a slim body in the typical Japanese sitting style. The doll is a 1:1 scale, meaning that you can use clothes from a  regular store to dress the doll (it wears teen size L / XL or adult XS / S clothes). Aki has one vaginal orifice that can be used by itself or with any masturbator up to 2.5 inches in diameter.


The Aki is one of these dolls that you want to try at least once due to the cool factor she is clear. Besides the dark reasons behind wanting to look at your own penis going in and out of a hole, the Aki has other benefits. The proportions on the Aki are realistic – you look at the nicely shaped ass and breasts and you can easily see the average Japanese young woman. The fact that the doll has realistic proportions helps in dressing it with commonly found clothes, so you can splurge on your fantasies (schoolgirl, anime character, super heroine, slutty girlfriend, etc) without having to do a separate budget for specialized clothes or alterations.

Inflating the Aki with the mouth  is an exercise for your lungs (it is HARD), so I recommend either a foot pump or a bicycle pump to fill this doll. Once blown, you can use the vaginal orifice with any masturbator that is up to 2.5 in diameter or without any masturbator. I used the Aki with both the 17 Bordeaux and a Succubus masturbator and both fit perfectly into the doll. The doll has the vaginal orifice in the right place, so it is a good fuck simulator. Since the doll has its legs in a fixed seated position, the logical positions to use Aki are missionary and cowgirl (or any of their variations).


Looks: 4/5 (I prefer my ladies with a head… Bonus points for being transparent.)
Realism: 5/5 (nice proportions, vaginal hole in the correct area)
Fuckability: 4/5
Durability: 5/5 
Inflation / Deflation: 3/5 (Need a pump or a good set of lungs to fill this girl)

Total: 21 / 25

Verdict: The Aki is an interesting doll to own. The clear vinyl and the correct proportions help to set it apart from other dolls.

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