Inflatababe #16: Airi Himenakawa Air Doll

A couple of months ago I got this message from a reader:

 “I’ve been looking into a hands-free solution for mounting my holes, I’m a little apprehensive though because my favorite hole is the Tomax Venus, and it’s tough to find information of what dolls and mounts can even fit something so huge. I’m living with a roommate right now so I’d prefer something that can be hid away in a closet or trunk easily. Do you know if any airdolls can fit the Venus? Should I just wait for black friday and try and snag a Meiki plush on sale?”

It took me some time, but I think I got the answer to the reader’s question: the Airi Himenakawa air doll. I got this doll almost a year ago, but I could not test it properly until now – and I have to say this doll is really, really interesting. Of course, I have a review for you guys!
First Impressions
When I ordered the doll from ToyDemon, I did it based on three things: full size doll, super big melons with nice nipples (a rarity in Japanese dolls), and more important, a vaginal cavity designed to hold most ToysHeart masturbators. This part was important because it would allow me to try Airi with different toys, changing the experience.
I took the doll out of the package and went through the motions of filling it with air. The doll has a simple valve system, so it is easy and quick to fill with just your lungs, but it also means it will allow air to esacpe a lot easier than other dolls. Have that in mind when you are filling her.
Once full (only at 80%, which is the maximum I fill air babes to avoid ripped seams), Airi looks really nice. She is about 3 feet tall from the head to the kneeling legs, giving her perfect life size proportions. She has an anime-inspired graphic face – which is not even close to the cute anime print on the box – but still does the trick for those die hard otaku. Personally, I did not like the simple and almost invisible outline of an open mouth (basically an empty oval), so I tried by best “artistic” rendition of red lips with a Sharpie and got some level of success.
Since Airi is life-sized, I took a cami from a friendly stripper (she likes to play with dolls too) and transformed the innocent  Airi into a full blown femme fatale. Now that she was ready for a good time, I selected four toys to test this girl- the LC2 Seine, the Tong Ggo, the new Fleshlight Go Surge, and the Venus Clone – a bottle of lube, and prepared myself to enjoy my latest air babe.

I have to admit I spent a really good time with Airi. The selected toys fit perfectly into her vaginal entrance – even the almighty Venus – so if you are looking for an easy to hide mount to use your bigger masturbators, you should consider the Airi. All the toys went in easily and kept in place during my sessions which were enjoyable.

Because of the doll’s design, Airi is best used in the cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, and a modified doggie-style position. Missionary is possible with this doll, but the placement of the legs can make that position really uncomfortable for some users. Of course, you will want a position allowing you to play with Airi’s humongous breasts and erect nipples because they are simply impossible to ignore!

Ready for playtime… one more time!

During play with this doll, you should be aware of three things:

  1. This is a single valve doll, so she will deflate slowly after a couple of days.
  2. This doll has a few complex shapes that makes her seams more delicate and easier to develop leaks. Do not fill to capacity!
  3. This doll is a relatively cheap doll, so the material is rather thin compared to the premium air babes.


Looks: 4 / 5
Realism: 4 / 5
Fuckability: 4 / 5 (Vaginal only – but accepts most masturbation sleeves)
Durability: 4 / 5 (Thin material and complex curves)
Inflation / Deflation: 5 / 5 (Very easy to inflate without a pump.)

Total:  21 / 25


If you are a fan of air dolls or are looking for a light, inexpensive, and easy to store mount for your growing collection of masturbation sleeves, Airi Himenakawa is a perfect choice. She is not the prettiest doll around, neither the most resistant, but for a price below $35  she is indeed a perfect addition to any sex doll collection.

Where to buy?


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  1. I saw her live last year at Exxxotica and she was talking about still looking around for someone…maybe you still have a chance!

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