Inflatababe #17: Diao-Shi Semi Solid Doll

When you are a sex toy reviewer you are always looking for two things: new, revolutionary toys and the toys that your readers would buy. This inflatable doll belongs to the second group.

Most of the inflatable dolls sold in the USA are made in China under different brand names and most of them have the same issue – they are unattractive, flat headed dolls with mitt hands and carved “O”‘s for mouths. If you prefer the premium sex dolls known as “semi-solid”, then expect to pay above $250 per doll, a price that I find too high for something that will require lots of care to avoid punctures.

Good thing the Chinese decided to market their own brands, inundating online marketplaces like Alibaba, DH Gate and E-bay with their much more affordable, more realistic models. One of these companies is Diao Shi, one of the biggest doll manufacturers in China and a brand heavily present in Ebay and Amazon. With prices between $50 and $150 depending on the model and marketplace, these inflatababes are more accessible than a silicone doll and a much, much better option than a cheap Pipedream nightmare like the J-Ho.

I still have nightmares…

That said, I got myself a sitting Diao-Shi semi solid on E-Bay for just $30 and this is my review of that doll…

First Impressions
These dolls are called “semi-solid” because, unlike their cheaper cousins, they have a full mannequin head, hands, feet, and breasts. In the Diao-Shis, these parts are made of soft plastic and rubber filled with poly fibers to add some weight. Also, these parts are extremely realistic in looks and to the touch, so right away the experience promised to be an interesting one.
The doll I bought was the sitting model with permanent TPE inserts in both vagina and anal holes. To add more “realism”, the vaginal insert even has “pubic hair” – something still unique to Asian manufacturers since in the Western we have a tendency to like shaven areas. The doll has  three valves on her back – a double valve for the body and two quick fill ones for the breasts. This means that you can change the firmness of the breasts by adding air as you wish. Personally, I like breasts on the softer side, so I barely added air to these chambers.
Once full (only at 80%, which is the maximum I fill air babes to avoid ripped seams), the doll is life size. It has nice human-like proportions and with the realistic head and hands, it can easily be confused for a real person if you just glance towards it. The jet black hair is my only complaint on the looks of this doll since it is rooted and leaves lots of “bald spots” on the dolls head, but of course that is easily fixed with a wig.
Like any decent girl, my new companion liked to be dressed, so I allowed her to wear a zebra party outfit and prepared to enjoy ourselves!

Is this doll fun to play? Absolutely! The sitting position allows to play in many different ways – missionary, cow-girl, table-top, spooning, and many, many others. The doll has three orifices – vaginal, anal, and oral – and each gives different sensations. The vaginal and anal orifices feel different depending on the level of inflation, so you can play with that, getting different result by changing the firmness of the doll.

All orifices are tight and will accommodate those of you with up to 6 inches in length, but I have to say, all the holes are tight. As said, the vagina and anus tightness are related to the firmness of the doll – the emptier the doll, the more flexible the orifices – so have that in mind when inflating. The oral orifice, on the other hand, does not give that “playing” room, so be extremely careful when forcing your Mini-ME  into her mouth. I am on the smaller corner of the spectrum and had some problems fucking her mouth, so be sure to have PLENTY of lubricant available during use.

The option of changing the breasts firmness is another thing making this doll fun to play – especially when you adjust the firmness just before your session. I found that part to be super entertaining…

During play with this doll, you should be aware of three things:

  1. The doll has three quick inflate / deflate valves – they can be opened accidentally during play. Also, if the plugs are not placed correctly, the doll will deflate almost completely after a couple of hours.
  2. This doll has a few complex shapes that makes her seams more delicate and easier to develop leaks. Do not fill to capacity!
  3. Although considered a premium doll, Diao Shi dolls are famous for the variable quality of the materials. Some of the dolls will develop leaks faster than others.


Looks: 5 / 5
Realism: 5 / 5
Fuckability: 4 / 5
Durability: 4 / 5
Inflation / Deflation: 4 / 5

Total:  22 / 25


If you are a fan of air dolls, the Diao Shi dolls found on the Internet are a decent option, specially if you find them below the $50 mark.

Available at: 

This doll is available in most web marketplaces like Ebay, Amazon, and others. If you do not want to risk getting scammed, you can buy the Tara model from 1 AM USA . They are an excellent company, so your purchase is secure with them!