Inflatababe #4: Lil’ Barbi

Months ago, a friend gave me a bunch of inflatable dolls for me to review for his sex store. I made all the reviews for his store, but I have not posted all of them here – so today I decided to share another one of these reviews with you. This one is about Nasstoys’ Lil’ Barbi Love Doll, a cute anime-inspired mini love doll with TPR vagina. Is it worth the $25 most stores charge for the mini inflatababe? Lets see…


The Lil’ Barbi is inspired on a generic pink-haired anime chick. You will find that most of the anime inflatable dolls sold in the US – Lil’ Barbi, Serika, Kimmi, Neiko, and others – have a similar pink “hair” design. As a generic anime girl, Barbi has big breasts and an innocent-aroused look.
The Lil’ Barbi distinguish itself from the other anime girls by two things: her TPR vagina with a noduled canal and her size of just 20 inches tall. She is made for travel and marketed more as a masturbator with a cute body than a love doll – in great part because of its size.


The look of the Lil’ Barbi is cool. She looks like an anime girl should look – cute face, big breasts with erect nipples, and nice curves. The TPR pussy looks inviting, although the doll feels weird when grabbing her. I felt as if I would break the little doll just if I grabbed it too hard because my hand could encircle the whole waist of the doll as if I had a beer can. It is way softer than a regular masturbator, so you don’t know if pressing more could create leaks on the doll.

Lil’ Barbi is cute, but her TPR pussy suffers from the typical problem I had found with most inserts used in inflatababes: the damned thing is too tight! I was able to penetrate the Lil’ Barbi pussy, but it was uncomfortable because of the tightness. I have what you can call an average penis and still, when I penetrated the insert, I felt my penis was going to explode due to the tightness of the sleeve. In fact, I could not finish my business while using the Barbi, so as a love doll / masturbator combo, for me was useless.

Besides that, the doll is cute to look and the seams are not too rough, so you can enjoy this little girl (if you have a pencil thin penis).


Looks: 4/5 (Not bad looking.)
Realism: 2/5 (Barbi is proportionate, but 20 inches tall? She would be better if she was larger.) Fuckability: 2/5 (Very tight hole)
Durability: 5/5 (So far, still holding air)
Inflation / Deflation: 4/5 (Pretty easy to inflate and deflate)

Total:  17 / 25

Verdict: The Lil’ Barbi is a cute little doll, but it did not do it for me. I can use her as part of a fantasy with fairies or if I ever have a Gulliver – type fantasy, but regular use is out of the question. It is more of a novelty item than a functional masturbator / love doll and Nasstoys should think of creating / selling “Big Barbi” with the same design but in life-size proportions to compete with the Serika. Only then the $25 will be a good investment.

Inflated photos 

Lil’ Barbi ready for you…
She is cute…
But she is very small when compared with Serika

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