Inflatababe #7: Love Pillow Asuka

I remember that my first ever ejaculation was thanks to the inspiration given by an anime character – Sayaka from Mazinger Z. When I was a young, little horny fucker, anime was the domain of ultra-nerds – and I was one of them! 

I spent hours watching the few titles shown in Puerto Rican TV in the 1980’s – Mazinger Z, G-Force, Space Pirate Captain Harlock, and Remi among others – always feeling a weird attraction to the adult female characters. Those innocent looking cartoon ladies with big, round eyes, small mouths and slender figures always fitted inside tight clothes gave me my firsts hard-ons and were the inspirations for many masturbatory sessions until I discovered porn.

Fast forward 20 years and now anime is all the rage. The perfection and sexy nature of the cartoon ladies that got my attention in my early teens now have done the same to guys of all ages around the world. Sex toy companies like Cal Exotics realized that, and designed a series of anime-inspired toys, with the Love Pillow Asuka being one of them.

It’s the Asuka a good toy? Let’s go to the review!


Unlike other inflatable dolls, the Asuka is exactly what you see in the promotional material. Instead of a doll, you get an inflatable pillow with a high quality printed anime girl, completely naked of course, and a cheap masturbator that reeks of strawberry smell. The pillow has not one , but five orifices located at the front, bottom, back, and sides of the inflatable pillow.  Once inflated, the Asuka measures 44.25”x 12” (112 cm x 30 cm), ensuring that is almost life-sized. 


I have to say that I am not a big fan of inflatable girls, but I found this love pillow funny and sort of sexy. If you are an anime fan, the graphic is definitively sexy – small breasts, hairless crotch, wild flowing black / purple hair and a small ajar mouth that seems to plead you to fuck her. 

The first thing I did was throwing away the damned masturbator sleeve included with the pillow. I hate the strong strawberry smell, so I exchanged it for a Palm Pal that I had lying around.

The pillow has the requisite orifice in the front, not in an anatomically correct place on the graphic, but perfect for most guys to stick their meat and look at the anime graphic. I found the other four positions kind of weird, but for those creative guys out there, they will be a welcomed addition. You could place up to five different small masturbator sleeves and have an orgy fucking five different textures with the same doll. The holes can be used without a masturbator since they don’t have sharp edges and have a nice, soft sensation. I used the Asuka with both the Palm Pal and without it and in both cases, it felt nice for a long session.

On the bad side, I wished the toy had a more human-like shape. At least if the breasts would be in 3-D, I would had enjoyed this toy a lot more than with its current flat, torpedo shape. 


Looks: 3/5 (Gorgeous print, torpedo shaped) 

Realism: 2/5 (Flat design, you can use small and midsized masturbator sleeves) 

Fuckability: 5/5 (Five different holes!) 

Durability: 5/5 (Look sturdy… really sturdy)

Inflation / Deflation: 3/5 (You will need a pump or really good lungs) 

Total:  18 / 25

Verdict: Not bad – if you are a big anime fan. The graphic is cute and everything, but requires a lot of imagination to keep your erection because there are no hip, ass, or breasts to grab while using one of the holes. If you can simply enjoy the sensations, the possibility of using up to five different toys in one session makes this toy a must buy.
Where to buy? You can buy the Asuka in many different stores, but I got mine for just $15 at Pink Cherry.