Inflatababe #8: Mia Isabella’s Deluxe Transsexual Doll

Alright, lets be honest here… We had watched transsexual (TS) porn… We had masturbated watching it… We had made jokes about having encounters with “women with something extra”, “chicks with dicks”, and “girls with a stick”… C’mon, be honest…

Well, I’ll be honest… I started having TS fantasies when I saw an interview to Nong Toom, a Thai TS that was a kickboxing star in her teens. As a boy, she used makeup in the arena, made a feminine dance before the fight – and then proceeded to beat the crap of his opponents. In the video, you see an attractive Thai young woman that can easily break you to pieces with her kicks and elbows, her two major maneuvers while a professional kickboxer. Even so, I had never gave much more thought until I saw Mia Isabella’s Deluxe Doll.

That’s what I call a job WELL DONE!

If you are a doll enthusiast, you have seen this doll offered in Amazon, Ebay, and other retailers. It is a deluxe model distributed by Pipedream Products, and until recently, you could not find this doll for less than $200. Like other deluxe inflatababes, this deluxe version has a solid 3D head (mannequin style head) with rooted hair, solid hands and feet. The breasts are the realistic type – not cones or solid half spheres – and TPR / Fanta Flesh genitals. In this case, instead of a pussy orifice, you have a 7-inch long dick.

Personally, I found this doll sexy since the first time I saw its face. A realistic mannequin face with hazel eyes combined with a tanned skin and an enigmatic smirk… I did not care the doll has a 7 inches dong attached to it – I wanted this doll! I was lucky to get it relatively cheap on an e-bay auction and have to say it is an interesting doll to play with.


The doll’s construction is very similar to the Inked Sophia doll. Solid head, hands and feet, with a thick vinyl body, and TPR genitals. In the case of the Mia Isabella, the doll does not allow for oral sex and because it is a TS doll, the only available orifice is the anal hole – which is slightly wider than the Inked Sophia’s. The doll’s penis is extremely realistic in look and texture and it is fixed to the doll (can’t be removed).

This type of doll is a fantasy doll – the owner has it because he or she fantasizes about having sex with a transsexual but the curiosity is not enough to try the fantasy in real life. Having that in mind, the doll allows you to experiment the sensations of playing with “the Best of Both Worlds”. The female parts of the doll feel nice and surprisingly real during play, the nipples easily becoming my favorites because of how realistic they feel, while the male part is both intimidating and surreal.

I say intimidating because the doll’s dick is bigger than my own (7 inches vs 5 inches in a good day), and surreal, because it creates a lot of conflicting thoughts. You feel guilty and ashamed of playing with a different penis besides your own (at least that’s my case) and you start questioning your sexuality, but at the same time, you experience pleasurable sensations that are impossible to feel with a woman either natural or synthetic.

It is important to say that this doll is based on the TS porn star Mia Isabella. If you are a fan of the porn star, be aware that the doll looks more feminine than the real life version. Personally I prefer that, but if you are a Mia Isabella fan, you should know that. Also, the doll’s penis is 2 inches shorter than Mia Isabella’s real life elephant trunk which measures close to 10 inches.


Looks: 5 / 5 
Realism: 5 / 5 
Fuckability: 4 / 5 (Anal only)
Durability: 5 / 5 (Look sturdy… really sturdy)
Inflation / Deflation: 4 / 5 (You will need a pump or really good lungs) 

Total:  23 / 25

Verdict: If you are in the market for a TS doll, this is your best choice. The doll is a high quality doll, with realistic proportions – even the height of the doll is close to the real-life model. The penis is fixed to the doll’s body, so the first few times you play with the doll, playing with it will be awkward. Really good doll to fantasize about a taboo topic!

Where to buy? You can buy this doll in many different stores.

NOTE: I am using the term transsexual because is more specific than transgender – which includes ANYONE whose gender expression / identity is different from what they got at birth. Transsexual, although clinical in nature, reflects someone who is willing to undergo surgery and other procedures to reassign his / her gender. My intention is not to offend / hurt feelings – just to offer a review of a doll.