Inflatababe #9: Yumi, The Anime Doll

Holy Fuck! LIFE got in the way and in a sneeze, a whole month went without me writing a single word in this blog! Now, with most of my shit under control, I can retake the blog and give you a few reviews. So to begin, let’s review a classic inflatababe – Yumi the Anime Girl.

This cute inflatababe has been the initiation of thousands of doll users since DocJohnson began to sell her a few years ago. A cute “anime” style doll, it has been around in various versions, with the current version having three love passages. All of the versions keep the doll shape (spread bent legs for deep missionary), and a printed face with blonde hair and brown eyes.


Yumi is constructed with good quality PVC, feeling sturdy when you take it out of the box. It has the typical PVC smell when using it for the first time, but it is a faint smell that disappear after a couple of hours. Yumi is pretty easy and fast to inflate, getting her recognizable shape after a couple minutes.

This doll is a low cost doll, usually available in the $15 – $25 range from most shops. Unlike other budget dolls, Yumi has rounded breasts with noticeable nipples, a good quality printed face, and three holes for penetration.

Now, the three love holes are not too deep – maybe 4 inches deep – but they are enough to get the job done. Although the seams are noticeable, they are not too sharp, but using lots of water-based lubricants is recommended to avoid unnecessary friction.

From the three love passages, I found the vaginal and oral holes to be the best ones for play. In my opinion, the anal passage is too high to allow for comfortable use, still it is still fun to play. My favorite part of the doll? The erect nipples. They are hollow, allowing for pinching while fondling Yumi’s big DD breasts.


Looks: 5 / 5
Realism: 3 / 5
Fuckability: 5 / 5 
Durability: 4 / 5 
Inflation / Deflation: 5 / 5 (Easy to inflate without a pump) 

Total:  23 / 25

If you are looking for a first doll or a doll to have fun during a dry spell, consider getting Yumi. This is a budget doll that is pretty fun to play with, having all options to make your anime fantasies true.

Where to buy? You can buy this doll in many different stores.