Inflatababes: the plastic harem

Two years ago, if anyone asked me if I would be using blow up dolls for sex I would laugh hard and maybe sent them to fuck themselves. Now, it is a different story. I do not only have a collection of 8 solid sex dolls, but in the past months I included a handful of inflatable dolls – or inflatababes as we call them in the doll community.

Inflatable doll (or blow-up dolls) are not as detailed or realistic as their silicone sisters, but they have several advantages. Obviously, they weight almost nothing and are easy to store – just deflate and fold. Another advantage is their price – you can find great looking inflatababes like the Sophia Inked for $150 or a less attractive doll for as low as $5. Besides that, you have a wide variety of “fetishes” dolls available – “small people”, transsexuals, aliens, fairies, big women, big breasts, even animals!

One drawback from the inflatababes is the packaging. You look at the package and you see this gorgeous model, so you (foolishly) expect to get a doll with some resemblance to the model. Once you open the package, reality sinks in when you see a doll with triangular breasts ( a la Madonna / Kate Perry), a painted face looking like the drawing of a 5-year old kid, absolutely no ass, and orifices way too small for a pencil. You simply take the doll, deflate it, and toss it into a dark forgotten corner of your closet until its time for the next general cleaning.

The problem is that few places give you information about how these dolls look and feel. In that, you are on your own… until now.

Thanks to a friend who owns a sex shop, I have received a bunch of inflatababes for me to review. Since his store is strictly “brick and mortar” (no web sales), he doesn’t want any promotion here, but he is posting copies of my my reviews next to the toys at his store, so now I am the proud owner of a harem of inflatababes that I will be reviewing in this blog.

 So how will i review this blow-up girls? Easy… I will review them in five areas: body shape, fuckability, looks, ease of inflation / deflation, and durability. Like in the Rubber Pussy Project, each area will have a max of 5 points and I will add comments about value and preference (high, moderate, or low). Of course, you will get a photo of the real thing inflated.

Now, get ready to blow…

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