Introducing Darth Trumpah

So, the bastard from Manhattan did it… Golden Emperor Trump is President #45!

Back when he launched his campaign in June 2015, I wrote that Trump was a joke. Like many others, I could not believe this B-list celebrity businessman was seriously running for president of the USA on a campaign based on prejudice and insults. But he did… and became a real candidate when against all odds, he kept winning primary after primary battle until becoming the Republican candidate. And then he surprised everyone by doing the unthinkable: winning the US Presidency.

A little bit of history…

Now, before you start telling me “NOT MY PRESIDENT!” and calling him “illegitimate president”, let me remind you that the popular vote HAS NEVER ELECTED THE PRESIDENT OF THE USA. The Electoral College does that. Those electors represent the STATES – and the states select the president of the Union. That is the system electing every US President since George Washington was elected in 1789. (Note: The Electoral College did not use popular vote as base for their elections until 1804).

Also have in mind the Electoral College was created to avoid the larger / most populated states to control the elections. Back in 1789, Pennsylvania, New York, and Massachusetts had more than half of the population of the 13 Colonies. The Electoral College gave a proportional participation to the smaller states and avoided these powerful states to seize the Presidency for themselves. That basic idea – avoiding urban centers in certain states to take control – is still valid.

Now the fun begins…

Trump got the position. Congratulations. Now, the fun begins because the seat comes with things Trump is not used to: criticism and parody. Everybody and their cousins are going to make fun of this new president because, lets face it, HE IS ALREADY A CHARACTER. And that bring us to my own personal parody of #45…Darth Trumpah

The idea came from a twit from fellow sex blogger Squeaky Bedsprings about someone making sex toy reviews in Trump’s voice. Being a big Star Wars fan, I decided to take it a little bit further and have a whole character based on a Trump’s clone who is discarded because of his voice and resorts to review sex toys for a living. I am not Alec Baldwin, so don’t expect a good impression, but the idea is to have fun for the following four years with this guy at the helm.

You sir, are a genius!

Wait for the first review from Lord Trumpah in a couple of weeks.

After all, I prefer to laugh instead of being afraid…