Introducing the Furfi

Fifi recently launched a luxury model of the fifi, the FURFI.  Made of the finest faux (fake) fur, its outer sleeve is plush and comfortable to hold. It still uses the distinctive disposable latex sleeves that make fifi’s no-mess cleanup possible. Just like the original version, this new model isthe perfect travel toy because it just looks like a little cozy pillow. Also, like the original Fifi, the Furfi is adjustable and retains heat, so it feels just right.

Get your Furfi – with 5 disposable latex sleeves – by clicking HERE!


4 thoughts on “Introducing the Furfi”

  1. I don’t have a video about the Furfi, but I do have a video about its cousin the Fifi. The Furfi is the same product with a furry texture. Check the Fifi HERE

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