My Frolicon 2015 Experiences – Day 1

NOTE: I published these posts during Frolicon weekend and after reading them on Tuesday 4/7/15, I decided to edit them. Lesson learned: NEVER publish something written while drunk and / or high…

If you remember, a few months ago I wrote an entry about exploring my fetishes. I joined FetLife and began exploring my kinks and their origins. Doing that research I learned about Frolicon, the largest “geek & freak” event in the United States. Why “geek & freak”?  Well, it is a convention including gaming, cosplay, sci-fi, and  kink in all its glory, everything lubricated by alcohol and the desire of having a good time.  What better place to learn about my own behaviors? So, without thinking too much, I bought a ticket and planned a weekend in a strange place…

And man, what a place it is!

My first day at Frolicon was Friday and soon after registration (and walking through the convention area) I went to my first class. It was a “vanilla” session about massage techniques and right away you get the first lesson about Frolicon: nudity is not only accepted, but encouraged . Second class of the day was about the legal issues involving the BDSM lifestyle (Careful with those marks! Lock your toys when traveling!) and my third class was about the basics of something “new” for me – age play.

I say “new” because years ago I had a girl who liked to act childish. I have to say her behavior pissed me off like you have no idea because at the time, I thought she was just being immature. It was not until recently that I learned that childish behavior was  age play –  a relationship where one of the members enjoys aspects of his / her childhood (“little” / “middle”) while the other member takes the role of an adult (“big”). Understanding this dynamic helped me to realize I had been a “big” in my relationships and that role is something I enjoy – even in daily interactions. Now, I just need to find my own “little girl”…

Daytime was cool, and I learned tons of things, but the evening was a different story. After dark, Frolicon became a series of parties and shows designed to let those demons to surface.

First there was the Dark Room Party – a party done inside a pitch black room where anything and everything can (and do) happen. I was interested in going, but I have to admit I chickened out at the last minute. Why? To be honest, I am still too “vanilla” for that kind of activity. Remember this is an activity where you have all sorts of sexual identities and preferences. As much as I respect differences, I am not ready to fondle another guy or allow one to suck my dick, so I passed on the party.

Instead of the party, I headed to an hypnosis show that is already a Frolicon’s staple. I never laughed so much in my life, seeing the reactions from the participants to the hypnotist’s suggestions. After that show, I enjoyed some live music and walked to an open area where people were being tied and suspended among other things.

One of these side activities was a Sybian used by a couple of women. As I was passing by, a girl was getting close to orgasm while riding the machine and was trying to hold somewhere – and she ended holding to my legs. I knelt in front of her and allowed her to embrace me while getting her orgasm. It was one of the most erotic moments of my life… being  hugged by a totally hot  stranger while she is having a brutal orgasm with our clothes on. Her orgasm was so strong, she passed out on my arms, so I helped one of her friends and placed the satisfied girl on a mat before going to the  Dance-Your-Pants-Off competition next door.

The Dance competition is nothing else than an amateur strip tease competition open to both men and women.

My voyeur side was more than entertained by more than a dozen participants – 10 women and 4 guys – that exposed in front of 200 people to a randomly chosen song. Some of the routines were totally awkward, others were comedy gold, and a handful were really energetic but ALL were surprisingly entertaining. I found difficult to walk after a couple of the performances, especially the energetic dance of the eventual winner, the two BBWs, and two other female participants who simply got me hard as steel.

The contest was over, but there were still other things to do! There was karaoke on the first floor, so I went there to wait for my heads to clear the effects from the competition. After a few minutes enjoying (?) the performances, I felt a tap on my shoulder. To my surprise, it was the girl from the Sybian! She recognized me and offered a lap dance – so who am I to  say no?  What happened afterwards is material for an erotic story involving a chair, a private strip tease session and a grape flavored condom.

Not bad for my first day at my first Frolicon…