Missing Files and Coming Attractions…

While making the list pages of my favorite toys, I realized that the reviews for some of those toys are missing. Either I never wrote a review for this blog (although I could have done it for another websites), or simply never took the time to write down a review. That is unforgivable!

Now, to make up for that mess, I will review them for the Rubber Pussy Project v3.0. Those toys are:

  • Fleshlight Twista
  • Fleshlight Primal
  • Fleshjack Paradise
  • Fleshjack Delight
  • Fleshjack Eros
  • Meiki Mature Sister
  • Meiki Erotic Sister
  • Channel G masturbator
  • Home of the Soft Ticklers masturbator
  • Seventeen Evo masturbator
  • Women’s Breath masturbator (Onna no Toiki)

For some weird reason, I never published the reviews for these toys… but I will in the next few weeks!

But not all is about old toys… I have a bunch of toys in my wishlist that I will be getting during the next weeks. These are:

  • Meiki 008  Hibiki Ootsuki
  • Satori masturbator
  • Sujiman Kupa Roa masturbator 
  • Fleshlight Nina Hartley
  • Pipedream’s p-Wand (prostate massager)
  • Fleshjack Marvel
  • Fleshjack Revel

Also, the Inflatababe review will continue with pictures and scoring of the inflatable dolls I got from a friend (the one with the sex shop) and short reviews of stuff I find on the Webs or in local stores.