My Black Friday Purchases…

Well as is my custom, I take advantage of the Black Friday offers and add a few items to my ever growing collection of toys. This year the budget was limited to $200 due to other financial commitments, but that budget was plenty to buy stuff from a few vendors. Let me show you…

Me, saving for the rainy days…
  • Jackers Pleaser Stroker Black ($19) – Ugly toy, but I had been interested in it since their release.
  • Maximus Power Stroker Red ($7) – A crappy toy, but at that price, worth the chance.
  • Paco’s Taco Stroker ($7) – A silicone pad for masturbation, an interesting idea.
  • Monique’s Pocket Pal ($8) – No big expectations here, but again, at that price…
From Toy Demon:
  • Orgasmic Monster ($32) – Interesting looking toy. Is like having 2 toys for the price of one!
  • Future Onahole Episode 1 ($24) – Again, two toys for the price of one
  • Future Onahole Episode 2 ($30) – Again, two toys for the price of one
  • Onasheet Monster G ($7) – masturbation sheet, Japanese style
  • Onasheet Monster Kakusei ($7) – same as above
  • Masturbating Glove ($9) – Totally weird… just like I like them
  • Fresh Brew Vagina ($11) – Simple and cheap, but cool looking toy!
  • Fresh Brew Anus ($11) – Cheap and cool…
  • Vulcan Ripe Vagina ($11) – Another cheap toy that intrigued me since its release.
The vendors still have their Black Friday / Cyber Monday sales, so you still have time to get your toys for the Holidays!
Ongoing Sales:
  • Fleshlight / Fleshjack – 25% site wide discount (no Fleshbucks allowed).
  • Toy Demon – Everything on sale with an average discount of 20%.
  • Bad Dragon – 40% off on first 500 Onyx Black toys, 20% discount on all other toys.
  • Pink Cherry – Special sale with toys with up to 95% off.
  • Daily Sex Toys – Free shipping for Cyber Monday
  • 1 am Dolls – Discounts on  many of their solid dolls
  • Kanojo Toys – 10% discount on all toys.