My Way #10: Masturbation Month, Johnny Depp, and Supreme Leaks

May is synonym with Spring, flowers, and at least where I live, showers out of nowhere. But, according to the “sexperts”, May is also Masturbation Month. Personally, every day is Masturbation Month, but during this month I had been rediscovering the joys of masturbation and even learning a handful of new techniques.

At the time I am writing this post, I had just returned from Frolicon 2022 – you know, the Geek and Freak convention I have reviewed here, here, here, here, and here – and this year I went hard into the masturbation vibe. You will need to my full review of the con, but I finally participated in their Masturbation Party as well as went to sessions focusing on self-pleasure. From learning new ways to stimulate with my prostate, to learning about gooning (something I had been doing for years but never called with that name), to learning meditation techniques to manage my sensorial awareness, this year’s interest sessions were about self-pleasure. I have been also playing with toys provided by my friends at that I need to review (sorry guys, too much happening in my life in the past months!) as well as enjoying my harem of artificial girlfriends. I have also joined some online chronic masturbators groups to learn new techniques, so say hi if you see your pal Casque in Kik, Discord, or FetLife…

That is the “gooner” credo…

If you are a self pleasure enthusiast, listen to the “sexperts” and get your industrial size bottle of lube, your favorite rubber pussy, Fleshlight, onahole, sex doll, (or your hand if you are a barbarian) and enjoy the pleasures of masturbation today, tomorrow, and the rest of the year!

Johnny Depp and Toxic Femininity

Unless you live under a rock, you have to be aware of the defamation lawsuit against the actress Amber Heard by her ex-husband, the superstar Johnny Depp. Mr. Depp was accused of domestic violence and sexual assault in 2017 by his then wife and, as usual in these cases, lost EVERYTHING. Movie contracts, gone. Modeling / spokesman contracts, gone. Brand ambassador contracts, gone. Reputation – gone. The guy lost all, but since 2020 he has been in a personal crusade to clean his reputation – and so far, he is cleaning it…

In the televised trial we have been able to learn about the degree of toxic behavior from Ms. Heard. Not only she lied about being a domestic violence victim, but in fact she was the aggressor. Things like manipulating Depp so he became angry (trying to get an excuse for possible violence), her physical violence against him (punches, cigarettes’ burns , and even mutilation after throwing a vodka bottle in his direction), and even her most defining act: taking a shit on Depp’s side of the bed before leaving on a trip. Her behavior has shown to be so toxic, she has earned the nickname of Amber Turd – and destroying her career in the process.

Ms. Heard has shown all the characteristics of a toxic personality: lying constantly, manipulating people around her, aggressive behavior, and using others to her advantage. The worst part of this is that she is already trying to use mental illnesses diagnoses such as bipolar condition, borderline personality, and PTSD as excuses for her behavior. Hopefully, she will lose the lawsuit, (which is still going at the time I wrote this) and disappear from the public view…

In the process, Ms. Heard has become the “poster child” of toxic femininity, taking the attention away from another toxic gold digger known as Jada Pinkett-Smith (yes G.I. Jane 2, we haven’t forgotten you!)

Supreme Court Leaks

To close, earlier this month, we got a leaked draft of a majority decision about the United States Supreme Court (SCOTUS) revision of the landmark abortion case Roe v Wade. According to this draft, SCOTUS had decided in revoking Roe v Wade, returning the power to legislate abortion practices to the individual states. As soon as this document was leaked, Twitter and other “left wing” outlets had been screeching about how this decision is nefarious to women, taking rights away from them, and talking about fears of other decisions to be turned back (same sex marriage, interracial couples, and others).

Personally, I had never been pro-abortion. I believe in women having the right to choose, BUT RIGHTS COME WITH RESPONSIBILITIES. If you have the right to choose terminating a pregnancy, you have the RESPONSIBILITY of avoiding getting an unwanted pregnancy. You, as a woman, have the key to your vagina – use that power responsibly!

According to Planned Parenthood, there are more than 12 methods of birth control available – only 2 of them apply to men (condoms and vasectomies). That means women have not only a minimum of 10 birth control methods to choose from, but ALSO have (in many states), what some call the AAA option – adopt, abandon, and abort. Men? We are screwed since we have “no say” in the matter and in some states, we can even be listed as a baby’s father without our knowledge and forced to pay child support for said child even when we had NEVER FUCKED THE MOTHER!

So, in all honesty, SCOTUS should nuke Roe v. Wade and allow states to decide abortion rules. Birth control methods are widely available and some of them (male condoms) are highly effective AND affordable (c’mon, we all can spend $0.50 per unit!). If you as a woman cannot afford – or do not want to use – any of the 12 forms of birth control methods, then KEEP YOUR LEGS CLOSED!

The Devil realized she was going to “sperm jack” him, so he went MGTOW!

Remember, “MY BODY, MY CHOICE”!