My Way #13: Goonin’ November Week 1

Last week of October, I published a plan to goon my way through November – Goonin’ November I call it. For the first week of the month, I would masturbate in sessions of two hours with breaks. I would use my hands to masturbate, ejaculating on purpose no more than twice during the week and ruining any other orgasm. So, how was it?

It was insane! I barely use my hands to masturbate anymore due to my carpal tunnel syndrome, so doing this literally was a challenge. I started tugging as usual the first day, but quickly realized I needed to change tactics. Decided to use lube and nitrile gloves to fondle my little friend – and holy crap, that was a game changer!


The gloves I used through the week were simple nitrile examination gloves you can get in any store. I purchased a box a while ago to use in my projects (cleaning, dealing with silicone, painting guitars…) but never thought about using them for masturbation. Again, I avoid using my hands, so that’s why I had never thought about them as pleasure tools…

The doctor will see you…


This is where things got interesting!

As a sex toy reviewer, I ALWAYS have lube in the apartment. Different brands, water-based, cream based, silicone, hybrid, you name it – I have at least samples of them around. The thing is I had accumulated bunches of sample packs and most of the time, I just mix water based samples in a larger bottle. At the end of the month, I had decided to make my own CBD lube (I vape CBD to treat my conditions) to use some soon to expire 2500 mg CBD liquid (non-flavored), so I bought some cheap lube at my local Target (just $3.65 per tube). I added 1 mL of the CBD liquid (about a 83 mg effective CBD dose in the bottle – compare that to 25 mg in most hemp lube) and then added two tubes of “warming” lubricant from Dollar Tree ($1.25 each), and three samples I had around. The lube does not look clear or pretty, but it feels great. The CBD relaxes you, allowing for longer sessions and provided it does not dry out too quickly inside toys, it will give epic sessions!

The gloves and the home made CBD lube worked great, but I found it dried up pretty quickly with the handjob. Yes, I “reactivated” it with water now and then, but with the sessions lasting two hours, reactivating the lube every 15 minutes or so was a pain, so I needed more lube options.

The first option was using some of my silicone and hybrid lube samples. Since they cannot be used with toys, I had a good amount of those lying around. This was a good opportunity to test them and it was a good decision. Unlike water based lubricants, silicone lubricants stay slick for a lot longer, although cleaning afterwards is a little bit more difficult.

My next option was using some hand cream. I have plenty of moisturizing creams in the apartment due to dry skin patches on my hands. Since most of the creams are ones I purchase at Dollar Tree – my favorite are the huge tubes of Dermasil I have in my bathroom cabinet – I grabbed a half-used tube and went to town… HOLY FUCK! Those sessions were insane, with the gloved hand just gliding over my penis getting me to flip my eyes on the regular.

For $1.25…

Inspirational material

Although I have plenty of porn, somehow it was not doing it for me. I get easily bored with the fake moans and cheesy situations, so it was a challenge to find inspirational material for my long sessions. Ironically, YouTube came to the rescue…

Tell me this girl does not get you hard… I DARE YOU! (Eunji Pyoapple)

What really got me going – of all things – were swimsuit fashion shows. Somehow, looking at these models walking in bikinis got me hard as hell and the music turned these videos in improvised “Cock Hero” videos. Stroking to the beat while looking at an assortment of hot women got me to the edge every single time, but the unexpected winner were the YouTube videos of Eunji Pyoapple – a Korean streamer / singer / model doing lots of outfit videos. Her cuteness and definitively hot figure made her one of my warm-up favorites. Add that she has a sister that is just as cute, and boy…

Eunji and her sister

Did I accomplish my goals?

I limited my ejaculations to two on purpose and had only one ruined (I blame Eunji for that one…). So definitively was able to achieve my weekly goals for Week #1!

What is next?

For week #2 of Goonin’ November, I am keeping the two hours sessions minimum with a maximum of two ejaculations on purpose. The main difference starting this week will be the use of toys, so if you excuse me, I am selecting the toys I will be using the rest of the month.

Stay tuned for Week #2!