My Way #14: Goonin’ November Week 2

Week 1 of Goonin’ November completed, my attention switched to the challenges of Week 2. Just like Week 1, the goal was to have multiple 2-hours sessions per day allowing myself to ejaculate only twice during the week and ruining any other orgasm I have. The difference during the second week is that I am allowing myself to use toys during my sessions. Which toys did I pick? Did I achieve my goals? Lets see…

The Toys

For Week 2, I decided to have a selection of toys. To begin, I got not one, not two, but three of my dolls. Yes, I picked THREE dolls – simply because they are the same ones I will use for Week 3 and since my apartment looks like a hoarder’s dream, I decided to have all at hand. Which ones were the selected ones? They were my Teddy Babe Vampire “Selene”, my big tittied Valentina Girl “Millie”, and my most recent purchase – a Bunny Girl plushie I named “Haru”. These ladies will be with me on Week 2 and Week 3 of the challenge.

Look at those…eyes!

In addition to the dolls, I included a couple of prostate massagers, a low end TENS unit with penile bands, and two sleeves. I ended alternating between the toys and my hand (again using cloves like in Week 1), but I got a new lube in the arsenal that became a real game changer!

Choose your weapon! (Pen for scale purposes)

The Lubes

As in Week 1, I used my CBD lube mix for toy use, but thanks to FetLife’s Gooner group, I learned about a miracle lube – Albolene!

Albolene is in reality a makeup remover / face cleanser used for decades as a personal lubricant. Because Albolene main ingredient is basically wax (paraffin), it melts completely with body heat and creates one of the best lubricants I have ever tested. It remains slippery for long periods of times (I only grabbed a finger tip and the thing lasted for an hour before I needed to reapply!). The only downturn is that because it also contains mineral oils, it cannot be used with toys (you can only use water based lubricants with toys). Sessions with Albolene (or albo as gooners refer to it in the forums), were insane – with one of them lasting for five hours.

The Inspirational Material

I continued using the non-pornographic videos from YouTube , adding videos from other YouTubers like Victoria Xavier (she is hot and she fucking knows it!) and Dare Taylor (her sexiness varies, but her videos did the trick). Of course, I also used porn videos, specially the Cock Hero series and Cock Games series available on PornHub.

By the end of the week, I stumbled on hands-free orgasms (HFO) hypnotic videos on YouTube and decided to try them. I have to say the ones from Anunna Healing got me to search more of her videos because they were effective. True I was high on delta-8 and with a prostate massager up my ass, but good lord, I experienced one of the most pleasurable sessions I had ever done! I searched for other hypnotic HFO and subliminal HFO videos to try during Week 3 and Week 4…specially those you can listen while sleeping…

Did I achieve my goals?

I have to say I missed them. I ended cumming four times during the week, ruining one of my orgasms and failing to ruin another. It was not so bad, specially since I ended cumming twice back-to-back in the same session!

Anyway, I ended week 4 as I published this post, facing the challenges of three-hour sessions. Will I be able to achieve my goals? Will I add crazier ideas to my masturbation arsenal? Stay tuned to learn…