My Way #15: Goonin’ November Week 3

Week 2 of my Goonin’ November completed, the challenge was now dealing with the goals of week 3. For this week, the plan was to have sessions of three hours with breaks. I could use whatever methods I wanted to stimulate my penis and as in the previous week, I allowed myself to cum on purpose only twice during the week and had to ruin any orgasm I could not hold. So, how was my Week 3? Was I able to achieve my goals? Lets see how Goonin’ November Week 3 went…

The Toys

As I mentioned in my post for Week 2, I selected three plush dolls for both Week 2 and 3 – my vampire Teddy Babe, my big tittied Valentina Girl, and my most recent purchase, an anthro bunny inspired on Lola Bunny from the original Space Jam. In addition to these dolls, I selected three sleeves, including the limited edition “Mr. Skin” Fleshlight Can. I continued selecting from my group of prostate massagers and using my hand with and without lube.

From top to bottom: Millie (Valentina Girls), Haru, Selene (Teddy Babes Sonya)

The Inspirational Material

In addition to the YouTube channels showing women in swimwear and exercise clothes (a personal fetish of mine), I also started listening to hands-free orgasm (HFO) hypnotic beats and guided hypnosis sessions. That was insane…

I have been in a few hypnosis sessions at Frolicon and found that although I never got hypnotized, I was able to reach a relaxation state that was good for me. With that in mind, my expectations for these hypnotic videos were relatively low, but the first session I had with a video from Anunna Healing really surprised me. I checked some other of her videos, and while none had the same effect of that first session, I did find myself enjoying my masturbation sessions more.

Imagine hugging one (or two) of these while having a full body, hands free orgasm while your apartment is freezing…

I checked other HFO videos, these ones in the subliminal / binaural category. Some of them had very suggestive titles like “Insane Succubus HFO!”, but I picked a handful of videos from various channels with lengths between 10 minutes to 2 hours and created a playlist. I would say these songs / sounds helped me to create a state of trance that increased pleasure, making some of my sessions simply epic!

Did I achieve my goals?

I have to admit I was very worried at the end of Week 2, but Week 3 ended being the easiest week to achieve my goals. I ended ruining only one orgasm and had two incredible sessions when I allowed myself to cum after a 5 hours session. The buildup for that climax was simply epic, reaching three full body orgasms (aka dry orgasms) before having ejaculation. It has been one of the most brutal orgasms in my life – and I still had two more weeks to repeat that feat!