My Way #16: Goonin’ November Week 4

With Week 3 completed, I entered Week 4 of my Goonin’ November project with high hopes. After all, Week 3 goals were easy to achieve, so Week 4 should be an easy one too, right? Right?

What I had forgotten was that the goals for Week 4 limited my ejaculations to only a single intentional one throughout the week. I still could ruin any orgasm I could not avoid, but then I had to continue masturbating for an additional hour after ruining it before stopping. As Week 4 aligned with the Thanksgiving holiday – when I am usually bored to death because I do not celebrate the holiday the same way most U.S. Americans do – I realized I would have to ruin many, many orgasms…

So, how did it go? Lets see…

The Unexpected Issue

Remember those HFO songs / sounds? During Week 3, I started listening to HFO hypnosis tracks and I did not think too much about them. Yes, they allowed me to relax and have longer sessions while listening to them – but I did not expect a “side effect”. The side effect was that during Week 4 my body had become more sensitive. All my body.

And when you are too sensitive, you end up ruining lots of orgasms…

That meant my erections were painful after a few minutes of masturbation, feeling close to ejaculation after 20 – 30 minutes. Normally, that would be great, but is not that good when you are trying to edge for 3 hours!

Because of that sensitivity, I ended ruining orgasm after orgasm – up to 4 in a single session! Following the rules established for Week 4, it meant that my sessions ended up being between 4 to 8 hours long (yep, 8 fucking hours…). I had never ruined so many orgasms in my life!

The Toys

Like Week 3, I kept using my trio of horny plush dolls. The main difference was rotating them through the sessions, playing games about them ruining my orgasms. The toys were the same – Fleshlight “Mr. Skin” SIAC, e-stim bands, and prostate massagers. I also kept using the Albolene cream when using my hands and the CBD water lube for the toys.

She isn’t pretty, but those tits bruh!

The Inspirational Material

As like other weeks, I used YouTube channels to get horny – hey, I have very low standards for erotic material -, but there were other materials. I have an extensive porn DVD collection (will explain later) and many of the discs are 4 to 6 hours long. During the week, I stroked while watching a collection of Japanese teens having reverse gangbangs, Asian women giving erotic massages, and a few miscellaneous scenes including Asian trans women. It is not one of my fetishes, but I have to admit that Thai ladyboys and Brazilian trans women are examples of well done transitions…

The Results

I was able to have an intentional ejaculation once during the week, but I ended ruining 8 orgasms in the same period of time. The HFO tracks made my body very sensitive to the touch (thanks Anunna Healing!) and my erections were rock solid for up to one hour. So, yeah, I achieved the goals for Week 4, but my goodness!

Now the challenge is to finish the last couple of days. Although November ends in a Wednesday, I am including the whole week as Week 5. This last week will be extremely challenging because I am allowing myself to have only one intentional ejaculation AT THE END OF THE WEEK (Friday December 2nd). I can still ruin any orgasm I cannot control, but then I need to keep masturbating for two additional hours…and I better control them because I do not have too much free time this week!