My Way #17: Goonin’ November Week 5

So here we are, the fifth and final week of my Goonin’ November Challenge. During the past five weeks, I have masturbated in sessions of no less than two hours, searching for that “goon” state of becoming one with my penis. I achieved it a handful of times through the series (check my reports for Week 1, Week 2, Week 3 and Week 4), but this week was the culmination. This week, I had to do three hours sessions, allowing myself to enjoy my orgasm only by the end of the week and ruining any other orgasm I could not control. Also, I had to continue masturbating for two extra hours if I ruined any orgasm.

How did it go in my final challenge week? Lets check it out!

The Toys

For this final week, I changed my dolls. I kept Haru (my Bunny Girl), but brought Erika (my Eri Nanjo), and the “sisters” Kana and Jenny (Angelic Dolls). I kept the same toys I had been using in previous weeks, but I added two “toys” I received from new affiliates: a Bathmate pump and Kiiroo’s Keon. The idea behind adding these two toys was to give my arms and back a little break with the Keon and give my spent little friend some assistance with the pump. In hindsight, I did not use them during this final week, but they were there just in case!

Erika (in black and white dress) from an archive photo taken at the 2017 Doll Forum Meet

The Goal

The goal was to hold up until the end of the week – and boy, that was difficult! I was able to achieve my goal, but in the process ended up ruining three orgasms, meaning I had three sessions of 5 hours! My shoulders are on fire!

The Outcome of Goonin’ November

In general, was Goonin’ November a good idea? Yes…and no…

The positive parts

  • I learned about my physical endurance and my limits. I can have tantric sessions without major problems with my penis, but my shoulders and wrists are a different story due to my conditions. Also my back came into play, forcing me to be creative during some sessions.
  • Learned about Albolene used as a lubricant. I would say learning about Albolene is a game changer in my masturbatory habits. That cream is great used as lube!
  • Learned I do not need hardcore porn to goon. I am such a horny bastard that I only need a hot girl in a swimsuit to get hard. Thanks to YouTube and all those young women doing swimsuit and bodysuits hauls!
  • Learned about binaural beats. These “songs” helped me meditate and get into a trance while masturbating. There were a few times I fell asleep listening to the “Succubus” tracks and woke up in the middle of the night (or early morning) with a morning wood resembling my teenage years. I definitively need to learn more about these tracks!
  • Learned about how my medications affect my libido. Doing the challenge, I realized how long the meds take in “hitting” me and the time windows during they would not allow me to get an erection. Also, learned that taking certain cannabinoids make the effects of the meds change – certain HHC and gabapentin combination would make me hard as diamond and last for hours, while a slightly different combo would “kill the D”. Interesting and frustrating at times!
In summary, they kill the D!

The not so positive parts

  • The constant peeing. Some of my meds make me drink unnatural amounts of water and when you add long sexual sessions, the regular urination was a pain. Many times it was a session savior – I often needed to urinate when I was getting close to orgasm – but every time it meant getting a limp dick after peeing…
  • The blue balls. I did not remember what blue balls were until I did this gooning challenge. I would start a session and interruptions would start happening – the phone would ring, someone would knock at the door, or I had to interrupt to do personal matters. Go on for two hours without cumming and stop suddenly… your balls will complain. Mine did. A lot…
  • The pain. Because of my conditions, these sessions felt like getting therapy while masturbating… but half an hour later everything would hurt. I mean EVERYTHING – legs, abs, shoulders, back, neck… I felt as if I had been doing weights after some of the sessions. Good thing I am ambidextrous when masturbating, because if not, I would be like Quagmire when he discovered the Internet!
And like this, we learned Quagmire is a lefty…

Will I repeat Goonin’ November next year? I will most likely do a different version of it. Everything will depend on my health condition and what other new things I learn between today and November 2023.

Right now, I am into Recovering December… I already destroyed my dick in November!!!