My Way #19: Cancellations, Bud Light Boycott, and the Trans Agenda

Lots of things to get out of my system, so lets go right away…

Frolicon Cancellation

One of my favorite activities in the kink world is going to Frolicon. I love the environment, the people at the con had been fantastic when I had assisted (with an exception during my second attendance in 2018), and credit to the organizers in making a very complex con happening.

I had plans to attend this year. Got my badge early on, got my room reserved at the con hotel as soon the room block opened, and made plans to make a lightsaber flogger in time to attend the convention – this year the con opened in May 4th, often known as Star Wars Day. Hell, I even submitted an application to give a class! (I wanted to talk about sex dolls and either it was ignored or rejected since I never got any communication from the committee.) Unfortunately, after all that, I had to cancel my plans…

Why? Because the organizers kept requiring the damn COVID vaccine…

Before anyone accuses me of “killing grandma”, I did receive a COVID vaccine in 2021 (J&J) and then received a booster in 2022 (J&J) precisely to attend last year’s Frolicon. The problem was that after receiving each injection, my nerve-related conditions (neuropathy and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome) got worse. After each vaccine shot, I had to increase my pain medication, so after the booster last year (and having extreme pain in my left elbow area for two months), I decided to not get any other COVID vaccine or booster unless I have a gun pressed to my temple.

Since COVID rules had been relaxed or simply eliminated in most states and public activities, I did not think twice before buying the con tickets and hotel reservation in December. Unfortunately, the organizers decided to rely on CDC recommendations about vax schedules. That meant, they could refuse your registration on-site if your vax schedule was not up to date (they said they wont, but in theory that position could change the day before the con started). Traveling from New York, I could not run that risk (it costs me about $1,500 to assist), so I had to cancel my plans. I do not blame the organizers – they are protecting their butts here after lots of attendees last year complained about getting COVID at the con- but knowing what we know about the COVID vaccines, requiring them for activities is just stupid.

Unfortunately, that is a trend common in the kink community. Many activity organizers use COVID vaccination / booster status as a filter for attendees. It has become a “leftist ID badge” and if you are not COVID vaccinated or you do not have the latest booster, then it means you are “problematic” or an “undesirable”. Science and the statistics proving that the “vaccine” does not stop transmission or contagion be damned…

Well, $125 down the drain…

The Bud Light Boycott

Talking about cancellations…

While I am writing this post, there is a boycott against Bud Light due to their relationship with “trans activist and influencer” Dylan Mulvaney. Unfortunately for Bud Light, their sales have plummeted at least 25% compared to last year and the situation seems to not going to improve for them any time soon. Since the TikTok star published his video about his collaboration with the beer brand about a month ago, their sales have plummeted, stock value went down, and marketing executives are either being fired or on leave. People are avoiding Budweiser products, not only in the conservative Southern states, but in cities like Boston and other “liberal” cities. Average people are tired of Dylan (I personally find him annoying as fuck) and more over, people are tired of trans women being used as the newest marketing tool.

BTW, the first person in the picture is Lady Beard, an Australian singer / wrestler who is a crossdresser personality in Japan. He has no relation to Budweiser or the issue.

I am not a conservative and do not believe in boycotts, but I agree in not spending money on companies who insult me as their customer. Personally, I started boycotting Bud Light since I tried it back in the 1990’s, and the only times I have drank it had been when someone else paid for it. If I wanted to drink watered down piss, I would add water to my own urine.

The Trans Agenda

In the same line of the previous section, lots of us average people are also tired of trans people being pushed down our throats.

Personally, I have NOTHING AGAINST trans people. If you are an adult and you think you were born in the wrong body with the wrong sexual organs, go ahead and do what you need to do to fix your life. In fact, I admire true trans people because it requires titanium “balls” to modify your body permanently through surgery and hormones. Most of these changes are irreversible – so you NEED TO BE SURE about them.

Ms. Blaire White – a conservative transwoman who put the effort (and money).

The issue I have is against the so called “trans activists” like Mr. Mulvaney.

There are more and more “influencers” pushing the idea of being “trans” when in reality they are ordinary, low effort cross dressers. I am talking about those guys showing on TikTok (they are mostly on TikTok) saying they are transwomen when you can clearly see they are biological men wearing a dress and makeup. Some of them even make their videos sporting a five-o-clock beard. These “activists” are simply pushing a dangerous agenda because their message is targeting the younger audience which is the main TikTok user.

This is Dylan. Compare that to Blaire’s photo above and you can see who is making the effort…

When you add these “activists” to the constant acceptance propaganda and the publishing of books discussing queer sex to children (some of them with very explicit and controversial content in graphic novel styles), it equals a very difficult situation. If dealing with teenage confusion and awkwardness was not enough, now you have all these individuals pushing another layer with suggesting gender transitioning to kids as young as 5.

I find the idea of transitioning anyone under 18 years of age absolutely DESPICABLE. These kids have not experienced their natural sexuality – being honest, most people explore their sexuality in their 20s and some of us keep exploring the rest of our lives – and getting hormones or surgeries that early will guarantee they will never enjoy it.

Hormonal treatments are definitively negative for our bodies, specially when adding the opposite hormones (testosterone in a woman, estrogen in a man). This is forcing a system to work against its design, and any mechanic or engineer knows that is a recipe for disaster. In females converting to males (FtM), the additional testosterone can increase the risks of heart attacks, diabetes, cancer, liver damage and strokes – that in addition to the behavioral changes such as increased aggression, anxiety, and a higher sexual drive. In males transitioning to females (MtF), the estrogen can have a higher risk of cancer, liver damage, osteoporosis, lower libido, erectile dysfunction, and even sterilization. These undesired effects are often not talked with the patients – specially the youngest ones – and they find out those effects after years of hormone therapy. If you add the reality that “bottom surgery” will leave the patient with useless genitals (the patient wont feel pleasure with the man-made genitals and obviously wont be able to reproduce) and scars in areas where they take tissue to create the new genitals, there is NO FUCKING WAY I CAN SUPPORT transitioning minors.

What would be the right way to deal with kids saying they are trans? Provide them with psychological support and treatment to a) define if they are really transgender or they are becoming “transtrenders”, b) provide them with the knowledge of what the hormone therapy and surgical treatments really involve, and c) having interviews with current adult transgenders who have transitioned and with adults who are de-transitioning so they have both sides of the coin. Then after a few years of psychological support and information about the medical treatments and their side effects, if the individual wants to transition as an adult, so be it.

Since I took all that off my chest, we are back to our regular programming…