My Way #2: Proving That Dolls Are Better Than Women…(Sometimes)

One of the things pissing off feminist sex bloggers out there is the language used to promote sex dolls. A year ago, one known sex blogger blocked me on Twitter just after two messages because I was justifying an ad for a sex doll. The ad had a copy like this: “She feels better than a woman!” and I had the “guts” to write “Yep, that is sometimes true…” That simple response earned my my first and only block in social media…


Now, I was joking there…but I was also being brutally honest. Sex dolls can be at times a better option than women – and time have supported me with the bunches of Me Too allegations in social media. A wrong move or misunderstanding during a date can lead to a Me Too allegation that can easily destroy reputations, businesses, and even lives. Since not all of us are Aziz Ansari, we must be extremely careful when pursuing casual sex!

This was almost his mugshot…

But hey, do not get butt hurt by my opinions. I believe in having relationships – and the best option to have a relationship is a living, breathing person. But, if you just want to bust a nut, having a sex doll is the best option you have – and the best investment you can make.

Did I just call buying a sex doll an investment? Yes I did, and I have the math to prove it!

My brothers! (I do hang out with those three IRL.)

Case # 1: A one night stand from the Club.

Let say you go to a club to get some one-time pussy (a.k.a. one night stand). That “hunting expedition” will have a cost – and in NYC, it can be as follows:

  • Entrance fee to Club: $20 (usually charged to guys only)
  • Drinks: $60 (three drinks for you and three for your conquest at $10 each)
  • Dinner: $50 (kind of a decent cheap dinner in NYC for two)

You will spend around $130 and you are still running the chance of going home alone, earning a date with Rosie Right and your favorite porn scene. Maybe you get your one night stand – an adventure that can easily come back to bite your ass with a STD, an unwanted pregnancy, or a #MeToo allegation. In any case, regardless of how much you spend, remember that SEX IS NEVER MANDATED, so you busting a nut after spending a small fortune is NEVER GUARANTEED.

Remember guys: This behavior can destroy your life!


Case #2: Hiring a “sex worker” (prostitute, hoe, professional)

You can call them however you want, but the fact is you can pay someone to get sex from them. Since I live in NYC, I cannot use the prices charged by “professionals” as a standard because that price goes anywhere between $30 for a blowjob from a crackhead in The Bronx to $3,000 for a night with a high-end prostitute in Manhattan.

I know that some escorts agencies charge $200 per hour in The Bronx and some Dominican pros charge $85 per sex in Washington Heights, so I will use the average of $140 per session ($285 / 2 = $142.50). You are still running the chance of a STD plus the inconvenience of being arrested if caught (right Spitzer?), but it is cheaper than the Club… and you are GUARANTEED to bust a nut!


Case #3: Getting a Payday Girlfriend.

Something extremely common in the places I have grown up is what I call the Payday Girlfriend – also known as pay day hoes, quincenales, or check chasers. This is a woman who is not a professional – they usually have a regular “standard”  job – , but the money they earn is not enough to have the nice things they like. They resort to have “friends” that “help” them pay certain bills in exchange of sexual favors. One friend pays her cellphone, another purchased her that $300 purse she always wanted, and yet another friend pays her Netflix. DO NOT DARE calling them prostitutes, because THEY ARE NOT PROSTITUTES (at least in their minds)! They simply fuck their friends in gratitude for their help. They are like friends with benefits, but they ask for money as a “donation”. One of these “friends” will easily take out $200 per month, so be sure at least bust two nuts to average $100!


Case #4: High End Silicone Sex Doll

With the previous cases, it is easy to predict that the sex doll is your best option to bust a nut, but let prove it with mathematics. Say you want to emulate our President and would love to get some Stormy Daniels action. You can get an officially licensed Stormy Daniels doll from Real Doll for $6,000 plus shipping – lets say it cost another grand for shipping and extra options -, and you spend $7,000 in total.  These dolls have a usable life of 10 years, but just for fun, lets say it is only 5 years. That will give you the following breakdown:

  • Initial cost: $7,000
  • Cost per year (5 years span): $1,400
  • Cost per month: $116.67
  • Cost per week: $29.17
  • Cost per nut (fucked twice every week): $14.58

As you can see, dolls are much better than women to bust a nut by a factor of 10:1…

Still, if you want a relationship, get a real woman. You still run the risk of a STD, unwanted pregnancies, fraudulent fatherhood claims, and even losing HALF of your shit after a divorce, but, hey, nobody’s perfect!