My Way #20: Being Away, But Working Stuff Out. Also, Body Counts Matter!

Being away, but working stuff out!

I have been away from the blog since May (already September, damn!) dealing with a bunch of personal stuff. Everything started with me qualifying for Medicare (I was declared officially physically disabled in December 2021) and having to pick a supplementary insurance. That happened in June and since then, I had been in a rollercoaster trying to get my conditions treated. My pain management specialist did not work with my new shiny insurance, so I had to search for a new one. Well, that was easier said than done…

First, only a handful of specialists work with my current insurance. I had to try four different doctors before finding one who takes it – and when I finally go to their office, they did not want to see me that day because my high blood pressure was “out of control”. So it is September, I have not seen a specialist since June, I have not received any pain treatment since then – keeping my blood pressure super high since my WHOLE FUCKING BODY IS IN PAIN – and even ejaculating hurts now because of the pinched nerves at the base of my spine (FYI, male ejaculation is triggered by nerves at the lower back, not the testicles).

So here we are, trying to get back on track with my life. I am trying to get my blood pressure on check with my general doctor and we agreed to basically “cheat” whenever I get my next pain management appointment, using additional medication that day to force my pressure down. Besides that, I am trying to re-organize my whole life.

For example, there are plans to leave New York City by the end of next year at the latest. I love NYC, but I came here 17 years ago to get an additional degree, work, and wait a couple of years until I had some gray hair to retake my consulting career. Well, those years turned to almost two decades and my hair is still as black as it was back then, but my body broke down ahead of schedule. My run here is done and it is time for me to consider getting out of a very expensive city. I still do not know where I will be moving (most likely will move back to my native Puerto Rico), but that will be decided later this year. Will keep you updated…

Thirteen years of being a professional masturbator!

Meanwhile, I will try my best to celebrate yet another year of the blog (13 fucking years!) by resuming the reviews at a similar pace than before I was diagnosed with my conditions. Maybe not as much masturbation, but at least giving my commentaries about sexual topics, toys, and activities.

Body Counts Matter!

Before writing this post, I opened YouTube to have some background noise while working and the algorithm pushed a Timcast IRL episode with guests Fresh & Fit . I am not a big fan of “manosphere” podcasts because their ideas tend to be centered around having fancy stuff, physical fitness (for “healthy purposes”, yeah right), and usually bashing dumb, ignorant, air head women. Being honest, not all women are empty headed whores, but these podcasts apparently have an unlimited supply of dumb hoes.

That said, in the episode I had in the background, the topic of “body count” came up and I have to say I agree with the view from the Fresh & Fit guys. There is a simple reality that applies to both men and women – the more sexual partners you have in your life, the more difficult is to bond emotionally with a partner. This also has an effect on the perceived level of trust to the partner with a “high” body count with women getting the most negative connotation.

Personally, I understand that “how high is too high” is a very subjective mark. For a very conservative person, maybe three partners in a lifetime are too many. For a very liberal person, maybe 300 sexual partners for someone at 25 years is okay. For me, it depends on the average.

I am 50 years old and having being a fat, not traditionally attractive guy with a below the average wealth all my adult life, my body count is EXPECTED to be “low”. All in all, I have had around 50 sexual partners since I turned 18. That gives an average of 1.6 partners per year – basically I almost fucked two women every year in my adult life. Having in mind I voluntarily stopped looking for sexual partners when I started using sex dolls in 2011, my real average is around 2.5 partners per year (I did have a couple of living sex partners since 2011, but they have been rare and happened by chance). Even my best number is laughable compared to a better looking guy who could easily have double of that number by week. Still, that guy would have to fuck 260 partners by year or a total of 8,320 people in the same period of time of my 50 partners. As a woman, would you have a relationship with a guy having a different sexual partner every other day? (By the way, that would give a total of 182 sexual partners per year in average.) Something tells me likely not…

Now lets talk about women…

Yes, there is a double standard. But you need to remember that women control sex. If a man makes unwanted advances towards a woman, that woman can get law enforcement involved (harassment). We need to remember the #MeToo movement in which women destroyed men’s careers by simply posting “This guy was looking at me in the office…” When you hear male pornstars like Evan Stone (a guy with more than 1,300 porn credits under his name) saying that outside of porn he has to “beg for pussy like every other guy”, that tells you the real double standard.

Her body count? Undetermined…

Since I mentioned Mr. Stone, lets use him and another famous male porn star, Mr. James Deen, as examples. As a porn star, Stone has been with no less than 1,300 women since his porn debut in 1997. So far, he is still active, so in his 26 years career, he had fucked an average of 52.5 women per year. Mr. Deen has been active for 19 years, fucking 1,660 women for an average of 87.4 women per year.

Lets compare that with a 25 years old college student with an admitted body count of 200. Knowing the average age of losing vaginal virginity is 17 years, that young woman has been active for 8 years. That gives her an average of 25 partners per year – half of the average of a male porn star. That average also tells me she has looked for a different partner every other week – so a long term relationship is either not in her mind or she has gone through promiscous times. Personally, I wont be looking to establish a long-term relationship with a woman with an average body count that is 1/4 of a male porn star – 13 to 22 – and the girl in the example is already above that number.

Another way of seeing how the body count matters is Terrence Popp’s Dick Stacking Test. Take the number of sexual partners, divide by 2 and that will give the number in feet. If that number is higher than 8, that is a potentially fatal fall according to OSHA. For example, Mr. Stone’s have stacked an average of 26.25 feet of dick per year, so he would need fall protection. Mr. Deen have stacked an average of 43.7 feet of dick per year, so he would need a special fall protection equipment. Our hypothetical 25 years-old? She would have been stacked with 12.5 feet of dick – a height that according to OSHA is more than enough to kill you if you fall from it.

I think this guy is working on Mr. Deen…

In conclusion, if your average body count is higher than a pornstar’s, it matters!