My Way #5: Reviewing 2018, Previewing 2019

Alright, 2018 is part of the past! And I am happy because it was a weird year…

I began 2018 with nice goals, but soon life got in the way and my goals went down the drain. January 2018 came and went with me struggling with my health and my job. I was able to review a doll in February and then… nothing until May. My job and my conditions acted up and it took me until May to return to the blog. In May, I did the Stella Styles masturbator and the Meiki Plush DX, and in June, the Infinity Masturbator.

I was in a roll, so in July, I put my little friend in a cage (which I enjoyed). In August I did Paloquet’s Moaning Cup and Anal Plug Set. September came with a prostate massager and me fucking Chewbacca’s daughter. Shit hit the fan again in October forcing me to ignore the blog, coming back in November with my first ever review of a wand. In December, I fucked a deer and a three way sleeve.

Not too many reviews, but I kind of compensated with more articles about dolls, MGTOW, and other topics. Hey, I even got banned from a website!

I guess I belong to the “Intellectual Dark Web”…

What is on store for 2019?

As every year, I have some goals for this year that just started…

Do a review EVERY WEEK. In the past, I tried to ramp up my reviews, but the reality is there is a maximum I can do with my conditions and the energy required to do my job. The plan for 2019 is to publish a review every week (52 reviews in total) and maybe an article every other week.

Go at least to ONE adult event. Last year I could not go to either Frolicon or Exxxotica due to date conflicts. The TDF Meet was moved to a different venue in a date that also conflicted with my job. Then, I had a flare up during the NY Sexpo weekend, forcing me to choose between pain or getting a couple of free lube packets. My pain won and I did not go to any adult show in 2018. For this year, I want to push myself going to at least ONE activity. So far, I am going to Frolicon during Easter weekend, so if you want to hang out there, e-mail me or DM on Twitter (@CasqueteroNYC).

Because they are always better IRL

Do “themed” reviews. I have enough toys to review the whole year – and enough toys to put them in categories. Something I want to do this year is “themed” reviews every month. For example, this month I will be reviewing four toys with prices below $25. Call those reviews the “Broke and Horny” series if you want. February will be for couples, March will be open, and April will be Kinky. Every month I will let you know what is the theme in the subtitles and in the tags.

Merch, merch, merch. Lets be honest, I need to make more money and merch is a nice way to make it. I will be revamping the Casque Tees with new designs and maybe a new store / partner.

Continue expanding my limits. Oh yeah, I want to continue experimenting new ways of cumming. New dolls, weird toys, hell, even some homemade toys. Anything goes this year (wait, not anything…I know you are a bunch of weirdos)!

Nothing against you, but even I have standards!

Continue being honest with myself and my handful of readers. Hey, I enjoy doing this, so I will keep doing it no matter if I am kept being banned by websites, blocked in social media, or despised in certain communities. I am myself, so you better DEAL WITH IT!

Those are my goals for 2019. I expect you to continue supporting this blog and yours truly!

PS: BTW, you can support me on Patreon with just $1 per month. I’m cheaper than a soda can…