My Way #7: Top 10 Toys of 2019

So, 2019 is basically over, so it is time for those Top 10 lists and other similar bullshit…

2019 was a weird year, but at least I was able to manage more reviews than the last two years combined. I started right on the spot on January 1st reviewing the BlewIt! and with the exception of June, I wrote reviews every month of the year. Not bad for a guy with issues in half of his body!

The Top 10 for 2019

Like every year I make this list, this is MY top 10 – basically the 10 toys I enjoyed the most of the ones I tested. I know there hundreds of other toys in the market, but since I did not test them in 2019, they will not be listed. Maybe for 2020…

So, in not any order of preference…

  1. Satisfyer Masturbator (January) – I LOVE this toy. Soft material, nice texture, and adjustable tightness – what else can I say? Also, the whole line is sponsored by porn legend Rocco Siffredi – and “Rocco Never Dies!”
  2. Fleshlight Nymph (February) – Fleshlights are my go to toy and the Nymph texture inspired by Lena Paul is one of those textures you just want to fuck until you die. Awesome texture!
  3. FondLove’s BlowJob Masturbator (April) – A toy combining the pressure of a pump, the texture of a masturbator sleeve, and vibration patterns. How could I not like this toy?
  4. Fleshlight’s TRUE LUST (May) – A toy inspired in the uber MILF Kendra Lust, this FL simply takes control and does not allow you to get out until you bust your nut inside it.
  5. Bestvibe Cup (July) – Vibrating cup feeling like a blowjob. An intense and sloppy one…
  6. Paloqueth Cock Ring with Nipple Clip (July) – Loved this vibrating cock ring due to its versatility as a solo and couples toy. Try it!
  7. FondLove Anal Vibrator (October) – Not a big fan of inserting stuff in my ass, but this vibrating monster became one of my favorites from day one. Powerful, versatile, and silent…
  8. FondLove Automatic Stroker (December) – I tested many FondLove toys in 2019 and this one was one of my favorites since he first use. Variation of stroking motions allowing me to cum without a muscle? SIGN. ME. IN!
  9. Satisfyer Vibration and Heat (December) – Another toy that allows me to cum without moving! This one with heat – perfect for winter!
  10. Fleshlight Eden (December) – Call me biased, but when a toy gives me the conflict between fucking it forever and cumming right away, that toy becomes one of my favorites right away!

Basically, those were the toys I enjoyed the most during the year that is just ending. All highly recommended!

What is up for 2020?

Because they are always welcomed!

Right now, there are no specific plans for 2020. So far, the following are in the scope of my plans for the next year:

A bunch of sex doll reviews. I have a huge collection of sex dolls and I have only reviewed a handful of them. 2020 definitively will see a bunch of sex dolls reviewed.

More couples toys. I have been playing with wands, BDSM toys and even furniture, so I will be adding more of those reviews.

A healthy mix of products. Expect some reviews of supplements, creams, and even homemade toys…

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Besides that, enjoy the remainder of the Holidays and have a Happy New Year 2020!