My Way #8: The Times of CoVid19

Back in New Year’s Eve, I was like most of you full of hope and plans for the new year 2020. That hope lasted for 6 days, since on January 7 I was awaken by an earthquake that was felt in all of Puerto Rico. The plans went down the drain a couple of days later when I hurt my back so badly I needed emergency treatment. That were not good omens for a 2020 that was just starting…

Like I said, not good omens!

Little I would know that later, shit was going to hit the fan. Fast forward to April and you find me writing this post being “sheltered-in-place” in my apartment for the last 20 days. Living in New York City, I cannot go anywhere except the supermarket and the pharmacy, basically isolated and with thousands of people quitting their air addiction thanks to a mutant flu from China called CoVid 19.

I wish!

That said, CoViD19 is our new reality and we have to adapt to it. At least, unlike other emergencies, this time I am able to enjoy some entertainment in the form of porn, toys, and of course, my huge collection of dolls, so I have created a couple of “Weekly Challenges” to pass the time…

Weekly Challenge #1: Cumming without moving

You have read many of my reviews for male vibrators, so you know they are kind of hit and miss for me. For this challenge, I pick any 3 male vibrators in my collection, my remote control, my PornHub subscription, and two of my plush dolls.

The idea is simple: Using the male masturbators to cum without moving my hips during the session – no matter how long it takes. Just turning the vibrators and waiting would be extremely boring, so I developed this little game to play.

In the game, I start using a random toy in the lowest setting, place a plush doll on each one of my sides and pick a PornHub category. I watch 3 short videos (less than 5 minutes each) before changing the toy’s settings. Then I pick another category and watch 3 more videos before changing the category, repeating the process. If the toy gets hot (a clear sign it has reached its use limit on the session), I change to another random toy. The game ends when I cum – not earlier. No movement is allowed by my hips and I can only open and close my legs.

The dolls? They are there for me to grab an ass or breast as needed…

Sorry guys, the dolls are just for me!

Weekly Challenge #2: Getting to the edge of the world

For this challenge, I use three sleeves with different degrees of intensity (low, medium, and high) from my collection, a doll, and a marathon-length porn DVD (you know, those 4-hours long DVDs). The idea is simple – edge as much as possible.

To do that, I play the DVD and do some foreplay with the doll. Once hard, I use the high intensity sleeve and stroke slowly while the doll is resting on my chest, as if she is the one stroking. I keep stroking until I feel the cum building up and stop for the duration of the following scene, doing foreplay with the doll as needed to stay hard. When the next scene starts, I stroke slowly again, this time with the low intensity sleeve, keeping at it until I feel cumming again. I stop like before and resume with the mid level intensity sleeve. The idea is to hold a total of three times – no matter how long it takes!

My thoughts exactly!

Weekly Challenge #3: The Marathon

This challenge was inspired by a sex fantasy story I read online years ago. In this fantasy, two girls kidnapped a guy and “torture” him edging him and then giving him two hours of rest before resuming another edging session. In the fantasy, the girls kept doing that for a weekend before the guy cums like a mad man.

I could not even imagine doing this in real life, but the CoViD19 situation that forces me to be at home for at least 4 days in a row and no expected visitors gives me a window to create a version of this fantasy.

In my version, I have two dolls playing the role of the “abducting” girls. I just take a random toy from the collection and use it until edging – then I stop playing for two hours and do whatever I have to do. After 2 hours, I play again until edging and repeat the whole process until sleep time.

I can play with the dolls however I want. Oral, anal, breast fucking, everything is game. I alternate dolls, I rub my little friend between their ass cheeks, on their faces – anything goes, given I stop before cumming. The goal is to keep the debauchery cycle of edging / 2 hours rest for no less than 4 days. Once I achieve my goal, I just go full beast mode until shooting the mother freaking load!

The way I feel after finishing the Marathon!

Weekly Challenge #4: The Slow Burner

This is the simplest challenge – I just fuck a doll as slow as I can. Short or long thrusts, I just go slow, building the orgasm without urgency. When I feel cumming I keep the same speed, basically torturing myself until I explode. The combination of dolls and sleeves in my collection makes this challenge an infinite source of pleasure. To make it more interesting, I use two dolls and a prostate massager – I fuck one doll while the other on my back is “stimulating” my prostate. Keeping a slow pace on that scenario is almost impossible, but I try again and again and again…

Although these challenges are extremely fun, I really want this weird situation to end. Turning on the TV to just listen to talking heads blaming each other of being with their pants down during a pandemic is getting tired. I would prefer to enjoy my toys without the fear of getting infected by a fucking mutant flu virus!

Seriously speaking, keep your sanity, help the people around you and stay safe… I will try to do the same!