My Way#18: This Post Will Get Me Cancelled…

Misogyny or FAFO?

I just returned from spending some time with my family in Puerto Rico, and during my “vacations” I watched lots of TV news and I got worried by a trend. In less than three weeks, more than five women were killed in Puerto Rico. The governor had established an “emergency” due to the regularity in which women are being killed by either current or past partners and you could see the “experts” talking in every single TV show about the need to educate men, eradicate misogyny and “toxic masculinity”, and of course, the need to protect women.

I agree with the fact that too many women are being killed by their current or former partners (one case in the Dominican Republic was beyond cruel and gruesome), but you know what the experts NEVER mentioned? They never mentioned the need for women to take responsibility of their behaviors.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that all these women “asked for it” or all were provoking the attacks, but as a society we need to educate EVERYONE about controlling their emotions and the effect we can have on others. Unfortunately, the only ones being required to control their emotions are men…

Sometimes, it’s not misogyny, it’s a case of FAFO

During my stay, I witnessed various women doing things that, if done by a man would be considered some sort of abuse. I saw my own mother berating my dad because he could not hear what she was saying. Of course he could not hear her – he has been deaf of one ear for the last 20 years! Even knowing that, she insists in talking to the bad ear, but that was not the abusive part. The abusive part was her constant denigration of his deceased family (his parents and oldest sister died years ago). She knows how close my dad was with his parents – and she constantly talks shit about them. Of course, that constant insulting of his family bothers him, but so far he keeps his emotions under control – but I saw signals that his patience is running low…

I also witnessed other situations outside my own home. In a nearby supermarket, I saw when a young woman broke the windows of her boyfriend’s car simply because he greeted another girl. In another situation in a government office, I witnessed a woman around my age threatening a worker to “denounce him” because he told her in a professional way to wait for her turn.

Yes, toxic femenity exists…

It is easy to talk about “gender violence”, misogyny, and “toxic masculinity”, but apparently it is impossible to mention personal responsibility. If a man beat the shit out of a woman for something a man would also get a beating, then is not misogyny – it’s a case of FAFO or “Fuck Around, Find Out”. Have that in mind before fucking around!

Conventions and Vaccines

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know I love going to adult themed conventions. One of my favorites is Frolicon, a convention about kink and everything geek. Since I had been there before, I purchased my ticket in December for the 2023 con. Hell, I even submitted a proposal to teach a class about sex dolls! (I doubt it will be accepted, but whatever…)

The problem is their insistence in having people vaccinated with the latest Covid-19 “booster”. I consider that a problem because of three reasons:

  1. I got side effects from the vaccine. Since the beginning of the “jabs” availability I was reluctant to get them. Why? Because I had worked in the pharmaceutical industry (I am an Industrial Engineer after all) and I know that if these companies had medications for Covid ready in 6 months, they cut so many corners the thing is almost as King Arthur’s Round Table. That and the fact I react negatively to around 20% of medications (often get the mild / medium severity side effects), I was extremely reluctant to get an experimental med. After being practically forced to do it to enter Puerto Rico in 2021 (I needed to either have a vax card or submit myself to a ridiculous quarantine procedure), I experienced a worsening in my health conditions requiring my doctor to increase the dose of my painkillers. In April 2022, I had to get the “booster” to participate in Frolicon. I attended the con while suffering a brutal nerve pain in my left arm (the one receiving the jab) which lasted ten weeks. I had to increase the amount of nerve pain meds and my doctor recommended I did not get any additional booster. If they insist attendants to be “up to date” in their Covid boosters, then I will simply cancel my participation…
  2. The vaccines do not stop spread. This is one of the biggest issues I have with these “mandates”. The whole idea of pushing the vaccines was to stop the spread of Covid. Reluctant people were (and still are) called “anti-vaxxers”, “grandma killers” and many other names. The funny thing? The jabs were NEVER TESTED for transmission. You can be fully vaxxed with five booster shots and STILL BECOME INFECTED AND TRANSMIT THE ILLNESS. So, vaxxed or not, I can get the virus. Vaxxed or not, I can spread the illness. Then its fucking stupid to demand proof of vaccination when either way, you can spread the virus. For a convention of this type, requiring the monkeypox vaccine makes much more sense than the Covid ones…
  3. The negative side effects are becoming more and more visible. We are seeing how more and more young people, professional athletes, and even media personalities faint in front of the cameras having seizures and apparent strokes without having prior health conditions justifying those strokes or heart conditions. We are seeing more and more adults getting “SADS” – Sudden Adult Death Syndrome -, a death with “unexplained” causes. Add the claims of impossible blood clots and many other “extremely rare side effects” like the six months diarrhea my father experienced two days after getting his first vaccine and I want to avoid new boosters even more.

So yeah, most likely I won’t be going to Frolicon this year – and that sucks!

Plans for 2023

I decided not to write a post about resolutions for the new year because I simply never commit to them. Although I did not make resolutions, I do have certain plans I wanted to share with you:

  • Will have new affiliated companies. I already contacted three companies that sent toys for review in December. You will be seeing those reviews in the next weeks.
  • New social media. I opened new accounts on social media apps. Expect to get announcements in the upcoming weeks!
  • Going back to make videos. Part of the plans for 2023 is to return to the video reviews – in YouTube, Rumble,, PornHub, and even an OnlyFans account. Don’t expect to see my little friend too much, but those websites allow me to do things I cannot do in YouTube, so some doll / toy / human nudity can be expected!