New Video Playlist: Sex Dolls 101

So, you finally decided  to take the plunge and purchase a sex doll. You have sacrificed and saved about three thousand dollars. Right  away, you  began to research and found this super hot sex doll on eBay / Alibaba / Mercado Libre and clicked the BUY NOW button. Then the wait began…

Three weeks later, you receive a package… a small package. It is not a life sized doll – it is a fucking inflatable that you could have bought for $50! You go back to the website to contact the seller, and surprise, surprise, the vendor is no longer active. You were scammed – and totally fucked in the worst way possible!

Because of these issues, I started a new playlist in my YouTube Channel to educate about sex dolls. I will discuss how to spot scams, the different types of dolls, custom dolls, and other topics related to the hobby.

I just published my first video – Sex Dolls 101: Avoiding Scams. Check it !