Now you can be my Patron!

Well, it is official! Now you can be my Patron for as low as $1 per month!

I had avoided opening a Patreon sponsors page, maybe because I saw it as asking donations from readers, but I realized three things:

  1. I am offering a decent service to guys like me who want to use a good sex toy without dealing with drama and criticism.
  2. The cost of keeping the blog keeps rising.
  3. I want to make more and better videos – and that costs money!

In addition, I noticed that in Patreon I can give something extra to my sponsors, so it is not begging for money.

So, what am I offering for your hard earned cash? Simple:

$1 per month

For $1 per month you get access to my Patron’s Exclusive Feed where I will do exclusive reviews that will not be on the blog or YouTube. Some will be photo reviews, others will be simple text posts, and (hopefully), others will be videos that I cannot show on You Tube. For example, nude dolls, some fingering, and lots and lots of cursing…

$3 per month

For $3 per month you get the Exclusive Feed PLUS you also get a say on what toys I will be reviewing that month. I will be presenting a poll with a list of the toys I have available and the top 4 will be reviewed that month.

$5 per month

For $5 per month, you get the Exclusive Feed, the Poll participation AND you will get an invitation for a monthly Google hangout session (or other way to share directly) where you can ask whatever you want about sex toys, dolls, and sexuality. No censorship, no constraints, and no script.

Of course, if you are subscribed to my YouTube channel or follow me in social media, you can always suggest toys for me to review…

So, go on and help this brother with a dollar!