Put a ring on it…

Before you begin thinking that I became a Beyonce follower, I am not talking about marriage rings… This article is about penile erection rings, better known as cock rings.

This seems to be a happy medium…

If you do not know what a cock ring is, WikiPedia defines it as follows: A cock ring is a ring that can be placed around a penis, usually at the base, primarily to slow the flow of blood from the erect penile tissue, thus maintaining an erection for a much longer period of time.

Based on the original function of the cock rings, they are really sexual aids and not sex toys, but with all the advances on materials and designs, cock rings now can have integrated vibrators and other devices to give pleasure at the same time they perform the erection assist.

With that in mind, today I review three of the rings in my collection: the Rudy Rings, the Impress Performance, and the Taint Teaser. All these rings are waterproof, comfortable, and affordable. Each model has its own pros and cons, so lets talk about rings…

Rudy Rings

The Rudy Rings are a 2 inches diameter ring made of silicone. What makes this product unique is that is a dual ring – you have two of these rings joined and you can use them as a single unit or separate them. I got two sets and used it both ways, preferring the single ring version because it is a lot easier to take off. Thanks to the wide diameter, it can be used around the base of the penis and the scrotum (a.k.a your nuts) giving enough pressure to help you develop a powerful erection. It stays well put during use and it is relatively easy to remove once you ejaculate.


  • Made of silicone
  • Two possible ways of using it (double ring / single ring).
  • Stays in place during use


  • Can be difficult to put on and take off when using as dual bands.
  • Can break while putting on, specially when using a single band.


At around $11 on Fleshlight.com, the Rudy Rings are an interesting selection, although they can be a little bit difficult to put and take off. Still, the results are excellent, making the veins of my penis to get really big and keeping my erection rock solid even after ejaculation.

Available at: Fleshlight.com

Impress Performance Ring 

The Impress Performance Ring is sold under different names and materials by different companies, but I got mine back in 2011 and it is still one of my favorites. The reason is simple – it is an adjustable silicone cock ring. The design of the Impress allows you to set the ring to sizes from 1.8″ to 2.3″ inside diameter, making it perfect fit for almost any man. Another thing that makes this ring my favorite is that I can adjust its grip and position during use. Besides the adjustability, the Impress allows you make a quick release from the the ring – one of my favorite characteristics after ejaculation when my penis can be slightly sensitive.


  • Made of silicone
  • Totally adjustable in increments of 0.2 inches.
  • Can be adjusted during use.
  • Stays in place during use
  • Can be used in all different areas (penis alone, testicles alone, or penis / testicles loop)


  • Takes a little bit of practice to adjust
  • Locking mechanism stretches with time.


For around $15, this is a really good purchase. It takes a few tries to get used to adjust the ring, but once you get it, the Impress is awesome. You can change the diameter during use, change its position to get different effects on your little friend, and being silicone, easy to clean. One of my favorites.

Available at: Fleshlight.com

Taint Teaser

This one is part of my most recent shopping spree and it was a surprising one! The Taint Teaser is made of silicone and it is designed to put a light pressure on the perineum, giving an intense sense of pleasure during use – specially during intercourse. It is available in two sizes – 1.75 and 2 inches diameter – and the design requires you to pass the testicles through the hole, so I recommend getting the 2 inches one to make the process a lot easier. Placed correctly, the Teaser makes its presence known minutes before your climax, pleasuring while avoiding you to ejaculate. Sweet, sweet torture…


  • Made of silicone
  • Made for increasing the user’s pleasure
  • Available in two sizes
  • Stays in place during intercourse


  • Can be difficult to place correctly
  • Can be difficult to take off.
  • Priciest of the products tested


The Taint Teaser is an interesting cock ring because it increases the pleasure of the user specially when you are approaching climax. Used correctly, this cock ring is perfect for intercourse and long sessions with toys. The only drawback is its price – around $30 – which makes it the priciest of the rings tested .

Available at:  Extreme Restraints

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