Quickies Episode 1

Suddenly I realized that during August I won’t have regular access to the Web because I will be out of the country, so I decided to write as many reviews I could. In this first episode of Quickies, I will be doing short reviews of a few toys, lubes, and condoms I have used recently.

#1 – imPress Cock Ring

I’m not a big fan of cock rings, but this one really impressed me. It has a series of unique characteristics that made me enjoy using it. First it is a hard silicone that feels comfortable no matter how long you wear it. Second, it is fully adjustable in increments that guarantee a perfect fit. Third, it is easy to remove in case of emergency: You just need to unsnap it and your penis  is free. If you are a fan of cock rings or are interested on using them, try the imPress.

#2 – Fleshlube Ice / Fleshlube Fire

Part of the lube offerings from ILF / Fleshlight.com, Fleshlight Ice and Fleshlight Fire are two water based lubricants that have either a cooling (Ice) or warming effect (Fire) on the applied area(s). Fire warms the area for a few minutes, feeling slightly oily and grainy when applied. Ice cools for longer periods of time and doesn’t feel as oily or grainy as Fire. My personal favorite of the two  is the Ice, since it allows to delay the ejaculation for a little bit. It also gives idea for the “frozen” session: having a session with a sleeve that had been stored in the freezer for a few hours and then using the Ice lube. I haven’t done it yet, but whenever I do it, I will share the experience here.

#3 – Euphoria Enhanced Prostate Stimulator

I have shared here my experiences with prostate stimulation using the Aneros MGX. The Euphoria is from one of their competitors – and it gives Aneros a good fight. The Euphoria is bigger than the Aneros MGX by maybe 15% of the volume, giving a slight more pressure to the prostate. If you are a big guy like me, the Euphoria feels better since the prostate location varies depending on your body structure. The best part of the Euphoria is that it cost HALF the price of the comparable sized Aneros. If you are into prostate stimulation and are looking for a more economic alternative, have the Euphoria in your wish list.

#4 – Vibrating Silicone Prostate Stimulator

Speaking of prostate stimulation, why not combining prostate stimulation and vibration? It is a good idea that I couldn’t  avoid trying – and it is good. This prostate stimulator is a softer alternative to the Aneros and if you want to add an extra “umph”, turn on the vibrations to experience a new level of stimulation. The vibrations go directly to the prostate allowing for completely hands free prostate orgasms. Now, this stimulator has two problems: it doesn’t stay put if you are having sex and the vibrator part sometimes decides not to work at all. Those two issues aside, this prostate stimulator is a decent alternative to other vibrating prostate stimulators.

#5 – LifeStyles Ultra Sensitive Condoms
These condoms had become my favorites for the last few months. They are thin but resistant, allowing for good sensations and what I like the most is the rounded tip to secure it in place and providing room for the penis head to expand during ejaculation. Available in your favorite department store or pharmacy.