RANT: What if?

 What if …

  •  The main image of this post was a t-shirt saying “No fatties”?
  • I started writing  articles about how women are “gold-digging whores”?
  • I started calling every needy (“thirsty”) woman “fuck doll”?
  • I said that all women are just after my money  – even when I barely live check by check?
  • I labeled every single woman who had asked me what type of car I drive as a creep? 
  • I said that if a guy tells you he had been the victim of a crime, you HAVE to believe him because he is a guy?
  • I said that I do not have any responsibility over my actions because I got super drunk at your party?
  • I started demanding women to find me sexually attractive, even when I weight 350 pounds, wear 3XL shirts, and use public transportation?

If you have some common sense, you would say I am delusional, blinded by  misogyny, or simply dumb as fuck – and I would totally agree with you.

Only a sociopath, sexist, ignorant asshole would do, say, or write the shit I listed above. A man acting like that is clearly a danger to society, a time bomb waiting to explode…

 Do you agree?

What if I tell you that ALL those scenarios came from things “feminists” had posted online?

You see, every day  I read social media posts written by “feminists” – both men and women (or bots, who knows these days?)-  that are just like the shit I wrote on the scenarios. Of course, you need to change the sex of the offender and/or the victim, but YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr are full of multiple examples of behavior that coming from a man, would be considered dangerous and reprehensible. If it comes from a woman, it often gets a pass and sometimes is even celebrated…

We have dozens of so called “pop culture critics” who are just in their 20’s talking as if they are experts on something. In reality, they have no idea of what they are talking about, but as soon as they use the shields of “feminism”, “social justice”, and / or “social activist”, they wear a Teflon cover avoiding any criticism sticking to them.

Sorry guys, but I don’t buy it…

Look, think whatever you want about me and call me whatever you want, but I am sure of my actions and my words because I can back them up.

There is a big difference between “feminists” and Feminists. The “feminists” are those insane people who want to control what you do, say, and think by trying to shame you using words like misogyny, “rape apologist”, “cisgender scum” (usually used only against men for some reason), among many other words they don’t even know the real meaning.  The “feminist” screams about gender pay gap, rape culture, and “safe spaces” but does not submit possible solutions to these problems, neither presents any real evidence of their existence. (Compare average pay among the same position and you’ll see the salary gap is less than 5 cents per dollar – CNN article). When confronted with factual evidence – like court proceedings, DOJ reports, law enforcement statistics, DOL statistics, college reports and other physical evidence – they dismiss it as “patriarchy”, “sexist propaganda”, or even worse, “MRA bullshit”. When you ask them to take responsibility over their actions, they say you are a sexist pig. The “feminist” only knows to scream next to your ear until you are deaf…

On the other hand, a Feminist is a logical person who is trying to achieve equality of rights and duties between the sexes. This person understands that change requires effort from their part – and that things take time. This person sees the problems that need solution and WORKS with others to solve these problems in a fair way. The Feminist develops new sexual crime evidence collection equipment and procedures, so real rape crimes are easier to prove (and proving it less humiliating to the victim). The Feminist educates college students of both sexes about personal responsibility. The Feminist fights in courts for a fair distribution of assets during a divorce (you take out in proportion of what you brought in as in many other business partnerships), the abolition of alimony (a remnant of times when women were financially dependent on their husbands) and shared custody of minors (because men and women should be equally responsible of their kids’ upbringing and well being).

What if we stop listening to the “feminists” and work with the Feminists out there? That one is not a fucked up scenario…

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