Resolutions for 2011

Every year, I make up some resolutions which I usually break during the first week of the year. That’s why I decided to make my New Year’s Resolutions AFTER the first week of the year (very clever, no?). So, these are Casquetero’s resolutions for this year:

1. Complete the RP Project. It’s not a difficult task, but since I made the list of toys back in November, I added a few more toys to my collection. Eleven in total… There is a lot of masturbation to do to finish the RP project!

2. Stop any sex related buy until June 2011. Since Black Friday I added seven new FLs (ICE Crystal, Mouth ST, Pussy UT, Mouth SB, Torrid, 69 Caliber, and Twista),  four Japanese toys (Innocent Sister, 17 Evo, Meiki Suzuki, and Meiki Tsuboni), a prostate massager (Aneros MGX), and just for the new year, a Venus R love doll for more interesting hands free sessions. Way too much money spent on sex during 2010, so its time to enjoy the toys and avoid adding more to the collection for a while. (Except there are collectibles during that time…)

3. Stop buying / downloading porn until enjoying my current collection. Being honest here, I just counted my porn DVD collection and it is sick – about 300 DVDs! With the average DVD running for 2 hours, we are talking about 600 hours of porn or more than 700 sessions. That’s way more than I need to masturbate through the whole year without repeating a scene. And that doesn’t include the GBs of naked ladies photos I have. No new porn until I have watched each scene and every photo in my collection!

4. Limit masturbation to enjoy life. Hey, life is not only sex and masturbation. I need to enjoy life a little bit more.

Those are my resolutions for this year – now, lets keep them…