Resolutions for 2018

Here we are, the start of a new year and of course, the best time to set goal for the next 360 days. Between my chronic pain, the craziness at work, and even some natural disasters, 2017 was a disaster.

Naturally, 2017 is gone, I turned the page on my calendar and started a brand new set of goals for the next 12 months. So, these are my goals for the new year…

  1. Make a new posting schedule. Because of my chronic pain, I was forced to change my posting schedule. In 2018 the plan is to post articles (My Way, The Doll Life, and others) on Friday evenings. For sex toys, I will be posting the reviews on Saturdays. Video uploads will be every other Saturday, depending on what product I am testing.
  2. Go to at least one event. Last year I went to three events, but this year, the calendar is a little bit more complicated. Frolicon and Exxxotica events conflict with my work schedule, so the Doll Meet and Sexpo NYC are the only two shows I will be able to attend this year – and that is if my job or my body cooperate.
  3. Do some collaborations. Last year I was planning in collaborating with other YouTubers, but we were unable to ultimate the details. This year, the collaboration is on the table and it could happen as early as late January!
  4. Expand my “horizons”. I had been reviewing male sex toys exclusively since 2010, but last year I reviewed a lubricant for the first time. Taking that in consideration, I am planning to review toys for couples as well as other items such as BDSM appliances, oils, and other  toys that could be used by couples to enhance their relation. I will still stay away from vibrators and dildos, since there are so many good reviewers already covering those items.
  5. Be more active in social media. I know, I know – I am barely a blip on the Internet.  Right now, the total number of people following me between Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook is maybe 300 at best. My goal this year is to reach 1,000 followers in total.
  6. Continue to be a heel! Yes, I plan to continue being myself – because there is no other way! I know that my points of view are different, that my language is sometimes not “politically correct”, and that I do not find a lot of things “offensive”, but it is the way I am and I do not plan to change… so deal with it.

Well, those are my resolutions for 2018! Stay tuned for the new posts…

3 thoughts on “Resolutions for 2018”

  1. If you don’t mind stroking with a sleeve, I recommend HEPS Fantastic, La Bocca della Verita and the new Fleshlight Turbo. I would prefer a hands free toy to simulate a bj, but so far the ones I have tested are not that good.

    1. Personally, I liked the sensations specially the Turbo Thrust. It is more intense than La Bocca, but there is something special in seeing your penis getting in and out of a mouth…even if it is fake!

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