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Recently, one of my readers posted the following comment:

Oh man if only i wasn’t a university student with a really limited budget i wouldn’t think twice about getting one of those… I want really want to hear your opinion about this, i’m a young fellow, i’m 21 years old who has never experienced true “loneliness” despite being a single guy who has been rejected by countless girls… About my sexlife, since i’m bi-sexual i have had encounters with a girl and some femboys from the classified websites who found my cosplay fetish interesting… Now what i want to know is: should i be worried? you know, i feel weird when i think how i really haven’t dated anyone and how i’m losing interest in that by each passing year, am i too young to start thinking about going for a sexdoll instead of a real woman?

Thank you for reading, also i keep on following your posts and reviews (from the shadows, as i don’t comment on them at all)

I gave this reader a short reply, but I felt this comment – and his questions – deserved a longer response. In that comment there are so many underlying misconceptions and doubts that I felt the need to write a whole article to help this young reader to clear his head… and enjoy his life without feeling like a weirdo.

1) You don‘t  need to be “lonely” to have a sex doll. Having a sex doll does not mean you are lonely. Many doll owners are in fact married with children, so it is not about being lonely – it is about being horny. These dolls are sex toys, very expensive sex toys, but just toys. Unfortuna

mantic relationships with our dolls.tely, mainstream media looks for the most unstable, antisocial doll owners for their shows, so we seem as a group of lonely, delusional guys having ro

2) Rejections are part of the game. In our society, girls rejecting guys is just part of the game – especially during the college years. College girls are experimenting what many guys on the Web call the “Cock Carousel” – having sex with as many “interesting” partners as they can before setting down with a good provider. Don’t worry about the rejections, just worry on picking girls who are not too involved with the carousel.

3) Sex dolls are not a substitute for real women. Take this from a guy with a collection of these dolls – they cannot take the place of real women. They are toys and fun to play with them, but relationships with real people – men or women – are more complex and much more fulfilling than having a doll. Dolls are excellent to fantasize and discharge all that accumulated sexual energy, but nothing can take the place of a real person and all the nuances of a relationship with them. As a bisexual young man, you have an advantage  – your generation is much more open about sexual practices and have lots of options available, including the acceptance of fetishes that a man of my age (mid 40’s) don’t even knew existed…

4) You are not weird. Personally, I don’t believe you are weird by considering sex dolls at your age. Honestly, if 20 years ago sex dolls were as accessible as they are now, I would have avoided lots of problems and started my collection back then. If 20 years ago establishing a relationship was difficult, now it is even worse with all the social media, rabid social activism, and the whole gender bender shit going on in college campuses. If I was in college now, I would probably already bought a couple of inflatable dolls and avoid the dating scene altogether.

IMO, you are not weird, but at the same time, I don’t believe in cutting ties with the real world. If you are considering getting a sex doll for yourself – there are many options, including lower priced dolls from SiliDolls – go ahead and get one or two to release the sexual energy. With both heads clear, then you can experience relationships with real women without the sexual urges, helping you to pick the right woman for you.

I hope these comments help…

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  1. You did not offend anyone – sorry if the post gave that idea. You had some of the common misconceptions all guys have about sex dolls. I even have to include myself a few years ago…

    We tend to think with our dicks instead of our brain. Having sex dolls help to give our little brain the chance to do whatever it wants without major consequences – allowing our big brain to do its work. Save for your dream toy and let me know if I can help you with anything else!

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