Review: Aneros MGX Prostate Massager

Back in November, I pulled the trigger and bought an Aneros MGX prostate massager. After reading article after article about the benefits of massaging my prostate and reading post after post of guys saying how good the orgasms were – and that some were able to achieve multiple orgasms in the same session – I could not avoid considering to include prostate massaging to my sexual inventory.

How does it feels?
Lets start saying that how it feels will depend more in the user’s state of mind than the physical stimulation provided by the massage. If you are not relaxed – both mentally and physically – the experience will not be good.

The first time I used it, the sensations were far from enjoyable. Although I was relaxed, and lubed my asshole and the Aneros as if lube was free, it was uncomfortable. The Aneros went in pretty easily (which surprised me since it was the first time I ever pushed something inside my rectum), but the sensation of fullness I felt didn’t fade out after almost 30 minutes after inserting the massager. At that time I was cumming – which was incredible. The length and intensity of my orgasm were something I had never felt before since I started masturbating at age 12. The discomfort came back when I removed the Aneros and felt my asshole opened  – I felt as if I was going to take a dump at any moment. If the orgasm had not been as good as it was, I would probably never used the Aneros again.

Going back to the Aneros again and again…

Since that first time use, I have returned to the Aneros on six more occasions,  learning how to work with it and getting used to the sensations. After those uses, I can say it is a great addition to any sexual practice. Erections are stronger and can last longer, but was really make prostate massage great are the orgasms. Although I haven’t achieved none of the Holy Grails of prostate massaging (the hands-free ejaculation and prostate based orgasm), the penile orgasms I had achieved so far had been mind blowing. Cumming with a prostate massager inserted, you feel every single contraction, every single pump made to make the semen go out. That feels so good I can’t believe I haven’t tried it before.

Aneros MGX
Pros: Affordable, perfect size for beginners, hands-free operation, easy cleanup.
Cons: Learning curve, must try different positions and insertion depths to find pleasurable spot.
Overall Value: High
Score: 4.5 / 5 due to learning curve.